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What the Chinese should learn from this article [Copy link] 中文

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I am reffering to this article:
Titled: "China rejects request to cut off N. Korea oil"

Assuming you haven't read it or want to get to the point. Here is the most important part.

"U.S. envoy's proposal to cut off North Korea’s oil supply as a way to pressure N. Korea government to return to disarmament talks"

I have written an article about this a couple of months back on this forum and been called paranoid or uneducated. Well, know I have enough proof to prove my self right!

You know who the US cut-off the oil supply to, to "pressure" them to do something against their will?


This is EXACTLY the SAME way the US made Japan lose and surrendor in 1945. By cutting it's oil supply.

Japan did not lose the war due to the fire bombing or A-bombs as the US teaches us (and the whole world), but because with OUT oil. You can not fly planes, you can not build tanks, you pretty much can't do anything with out oil. This is the SOLE reason Japan lost the war.

Why did the US take-over Iraq, and planning on taking over Iran and Venezuela very soon? Freedom, democracy, human rights?

What to the above three have in common? OIL.

Nowadays, who wants oil and ALOT of it (other than America)? Come-on people, if you are reading this post on this forum, you should now the answer is China.

What happens when America cuts-off the oil supply to China? If it's during a war, think Japan.

If the US wants you to do something against your will, think North Korea.

So for all of you who rejected me the first time, America itself has just proven me right with their own tongue!

Which begs the question. How the hell can you Chinese by your own free will and money buy American products whether it's from food to clothing, to cars when America ultimately wants to turn you into Japan or North Korea???

Personally, when I go back to the Middle East. I avoid everything that's American. There's is absolutely NO need for me to support those who wish to make my country into the next Iraq.

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mr. metto

Your reasoning is clear and effective. Congratulations. That's why I always look for your posts in this bbs.

I just can't understand why some people keep buying American products.

Your friend, Vini

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I was just thinking about you as I read a very delighting article

I think its about time!

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Oil stopped japan?

Well, metto, I enjoy reading ur posts but dont forget to keep some balance dude....

To suggest cutting Japans Oil supply was the SOLE reason Japan surrendered is a gross over-simplification of the issue.

We could use the same argument about steel supply or food supply!

There is no denying the importance of such logistics in any war, without many items war would cease....oil being the main one of attacks on all these areas are carried out constantly to weaken the opposition.

Putting aside for a moment the sheer impact of 2 Atomic bombs....assuming that Japan had all the oil it needed do you think that Japan would not have surrendered at all.?..not even after say 2 more A bombs??  
I know it may be a bit cliche and boring but  just look at the facts.

If Japan could have continued to produce weapons it would still have lost to the American military technology which was more advanced at that moment in history. The zero Airplanes were so basic they couldnt compete iequally in air battles except when used in suicide missions...etc etc.

So what is the cause of most wars?? its the fight over resources; water, food, land....oil...its nothing new

You win the war when you break the enemys will to fight on.....starving and thirsty people fight on after the last drop of oil has gone.

This is why I still see the A-bomb as a larger detterent

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A-bombs and superior American weapon came after...

First of all, the Japanese wanted to surrendor way before the A-bombs were dropped. The reason the A bombs were dropped was just to intimidate the Russians.

But the fact still remains, When the US cutted the oil off to Japan, Japan had NO way to defend/attack the US because it could not operate nor build any weapons.

Wether what you are saying that superior American technology or A bombs could have by themselves forced Japan to surrendor may or may not be true.

But because this was NOT what forced the Japanese to surrendor, we cannot assume so.

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A bombs a demo?

Ok metto,
sorry to go off on this tangent as I realise this was originally about Nth korea..,,

but I gotta get some more info here.....U say the japanese wanted to surrender way before the bombs were dropped!  please back up that with some facts  when and where did they declare that intention??

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