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I will always love you... [Copy link] 中文

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That's it?


What happens at 90? Alzheimers? Bedpans and sign language? ..."I started to say 'I love you' and, hey, isn't that a beautiful sunrise?  Or is that sundown? I'm hungry.  Are you my nurse? Wigan is doing wonderful back in the EPL don't you think?"

ps: Age 15...the boy doesn't have the bone structure of a 15 year old. I'd say 18-21, maybe even older. Someone isn't telling the whole truth here...

pps: Hey, aren't these photos copyrighted? ;0)

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Quote quote...

nice pics

i like a chinese song very much, " the most romantic thing in the world is we are getting old together..."

Yes...very original too.

Grow old along with me
the best is yet to be...

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Agree. Love is a word where Marriage says: Be Careful. ALL ABOUT LOVE.

Agree. Love is a word where Marriage always says in a big way: Be Careful.  Or you wind up heartbroken.  And it is not always a woman who finds the heart can be broken. As we see in many examples.

THIS STORY IS ALL ABOUT LOVE.  AND WHAT THE HEART CAN FEEL AND EXPERIENCE.  A story that happened to someone in the City of the World. AND YOU CAN SEE THAT BY JUST GOING TO THE BOTTOM THE THE FIRST PAGE on site, and SEEING THE PICTURE THERE for yourself and reading some of the mail just under the smaller picture near the bottom.


AN AMAZING STORY.  BUT YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO READ ENGLISH to get the full scope and meaning.  There is a link on the top right side "THE TALENT IN YOU". There are 4 intense stories of Love on that page.  Much to be learned in those example and adventure of the true heart.

An on-air Shanghai Hostess for Channel Young Style Today had been fraudulently acting as the 搊fficial?Shanghai Media Group抯 New York Office and press representative.  When the person that Love her could only see Love.

note: envelope at bottom of page states: 揝hanghai Media Group.? It was learned that LOVE REVEALS MANY THINGS. EVEN THE MORST UNEPECTED.  It started when Mingzhi Yang, a chinese nationalist in america, had been using someone else抯 Manhattan address without their knowledge or permission. There is also the issue of visa Document Fraud and MOST IMPORTANT Marriage Fraud that does exist.  Photographs were taken during New York fashion week of Mingzhi Yang, a married woman, not wearing a wedding ring as further evidence of U.S. Immigration Marriage Fraud. Photos can be seen at:

Evidence on the site revealed this alleged media person Mingzhi Yang has been using both LOVE and the SMG Shanghai Media Group for a personal agenda. -- AS SO MUCH WAS REVEALED. BUT WAS IT TOO LATE and WOULD LOVE PREVAIL ? The ongoing investigation includes the intent to criminally sign an executive's signature on official letterhead to exit China "in secret." Our editors have learned the President of the Shanghai Media Group, Li Ruigang抯 name was to be signed to official documents to obtain the fraudulent passport visa for purposes of going to the U.S. to secretly marry. On the "Obligations" page cited above -- you can see A CONTRACT FOR LIFE - the commitments of LOVE and WHat happened and also displayed at the bottom of the page an envelope clearly stating the Shanghai Media Group name on it.  WHICH WILLTELL YOU HOW REAL THIS STORRY OF LOVE REALLY WAS. NOW CHECK IT OUT.  AND IF YOU LIKE READING ABOUT LOVE and the adventure of it you are going to love this.  READ EVERY PAGE>  WITH EVER TURN THERE IS A TWIST.  The MARRIAGE of convenience link top right COOKS and page 3 and 4 link on bottom will BLOW YOU AWAY.  Good reading to all.

However, the address on the envelope has nothing to do with and is not affiliated with the Shanghai Media Group in any manner. According to what has been learned, Yang Mingzhi on her on accord was to sign the signature of the top official on authorized SMG Channal Young letterhead as a method to exit China. Mingzhi Yang aka Daisy Yang has continued with these frauds upon arriving in New York this year by claiming the China Government run media Giant SMG officially appointed her as their authorized representative.

Noting the cover-up of these matters, the dismissal of Jiaoyang at Channel Young is being called for as it was Jiaoyang who brought this disgrace and Mingzhi Yang into Li Ruigang抯 respected team again -- after Mingzhi Yang secretly exited China February 2, 2005.  In the opinion of many, both Yang Mingzhi and Jiaoyang should be harshly reprimanded - for this disgrace upon the Shanghai Media Group and the embarassment brought to Asian communities around the world.  These events without question have caused thousands of people to now look upon people of Chinese descent in an unfavorable manner as this story has appeared worldwide over the past few weeks.

The Shanghai Network fraud seems to be just part of the story. The question of true Immigration Marriage Fraud, a serious offense under U.S. criminal Law, does exist. Our team of editors and others across the United States have discovered an internet page where in fact Yang Mingzhi said - on video tape - September 13, 2005, during fashion week at the famed ?th on Sixth?Tent fashion venue Complex in New York's Bryant Park: "I don抰 care what抯 lie or what抯 true." Along with "I'm not working here for this Country" and outright stating these words: "I am. I am a Fraud."  

On the page noted immediately above you can for yourself hear this individual, an member of the press say -- 揑 don't care what抯 lie, what抯 true.?A press representative for the Shanghai Media Group in New York saying that live on tape ? Think about it. Another Press person not caring about the truth ? Anyone involved with this person should know about these serious matters at hand.  Further investigation revealed listings for and on internet search engines as they document the continued acts of fraud by Mingzhi Yang, aside from other serious transgressions. The site with its well documented evidence states Mingzhi Yang exited China while using SMG and Channel Young officially and by presenting misleading applications of 揹ocument fraud?to Immigration officers at the U.S. Embassy in Shanghai. A method to obtain the illegally secured passport visa. We have learned in fact the sole purpose for Mingzhi Yang to enter the United States was to marry an American and was not to "officially" cover any event for SMG. Channel Young, or any other media outlet.

SMG and others involved appear soiled at this point - to say the least, and, Mr. Li Ruigang has been advised of the black mark that is now put on him due to the affiliation with these frauds.  As a question of being of honorable character, Mr. Li Ruigang -head of the Shanghai Media Group- is being called upon to re-examine SMG抯 position in these matters.

Yang Mingzhi also known as Daisy Yang was an 搊n-air?hostess for Channel Young TV from 2003 - 2005 before she left the People's Republic of China and entered the United States.  She recently was again on-air at Channel Young. Although, we have also learned top Channel Young and SMG Executives appear -at this point- not to have been aware of these fraudulent activities or the falsification of fraudulent documents presented to Immigration officers in Shanghai.


Imagine that !  As you already see, you may find this all very interesting.  Pass it on.

New York Editor
written documentation below Blue bar on page states doing in "secret."
recorded audio statement found on page above
page cover the seriousness with many issues OF LOVE.

No matter how careful you are or even if you do every thing to protect yourself.  Words are Just Words unless the heart is truly dedicated.

this information is authorized to be forwarded to
anyone concerned. The story is all about Love.
Check it out.  WOW !

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a wonderful love

i  am moved to  tears
when we were young,we don't how to cherish the persons we owned.when we lost them,or when we experienced the same things and feel the same motions ,then we can really understood what ridiclous things we had done.after these we begin to know how to  love a persons,we really know how to cherish the things we owned at the moment.

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en en en ...

a beautigul love story~!

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love is cruel

no matter how deep your love,
the depart time will still comes.
love is no better than sex, production, and friendship between couples.

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What beautiful pictures!!!


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