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Ford, GM bond ratings cut to junk by Wall Street. Only China returns profts on [Copy link] 中文

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They will have a whole list of problems, which will bankrupt the state

I will first attack their oil reserves, and force them to liquidate their holdings, and also hit their export industries, so that they cannot sell their cars, everyone will run to safe havens, and abandon the dollar,
when their debts are due and they cannot pay, everything will spiral into the reverse, into the greatest great depression, their banks will have no money, to finance both local and export, they will have to pull back their military, and abandon all projects, and everyone will sit on the fence and watch, the fall of the almighty, unless they repent. Let me tell you a secret, if the world is not supporting the dollar, you are already a bankrupt.

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.... bankrupt the (United) state(s)

Yay, let's celebrate, the USA is going down the gurgler, their economy is collapsing, their dollar is becoming worthless, they won't have enough oil, nyah nyah nyah, the Americans will turn into a third world banana republic.

Oh, hang on , who's gonna buy all these cheap chinese goods, there's only so much we can sell to Europe, ooh look our Yuan is going down the the gurgler, our economy is collapsing as millions of manufacturing workers are laid off, looks like we're turning back into a third world banana republic.....

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dude no need to be so sarcastic

american ppl say the same regarding china's problems why are u being so aggressive to chinese ppl

both countries need each other okay not just china dude

yup oogle ur right about the world supporting the dollar or theyd be bankrupt by now simply stating a fact

btw china is already a third world banana republic its crap its poor its backward its political system is gonna implode the country its standard of living is shyt many ppl make cheap products 800 rural ppl with no food social prob everywhere income inequality threats from japan america taiwan blah blah ladi ladi dah if the world ends developed usa has far more to lose babe

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not so haha

chinses state run banks default on loans,state run factorys loosing money.Strikes everywhere in china.The west pumps billions into china and take these profits back to there own countrys,as china gets the few cents remaining.China has turned into the slave wage pimping ground for slave labor.As few get rich and the poor continue the strikes and bombings of factorys and euipment.Only reason the west invests in china is for slave labor and profits,,,knowing that PRC government will send in troops to restore the peace,keeping joint venture businesses safe from harm.

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