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25 years Chinese woman and 58 years white man: Can love work out? [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese guys are pushing chinese girls to the American guys

when I was breaking with my EX, I asked why. He said, it could be better if you were little taller.....   he is 5"9'

It that a reason for dumping me?  Why could he make that decision three year before when we started dating??

And, a few months ago, I had date with a classmate. He would bring me to hang out with his friends. He is 6".  I asked if I should wear heels. He said" no no , just be who you are, when talking, I can come down to your level, I know heels hurt feet". That so sweet.

You see, in lot of Dating website in China, there always be a hight requirment, and I am not qualifed for most of them because I am short for just 1 cm.

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I hear what your saying......

.....anything can work out if you want it to. Nothing ventured....nothing gained. But remember, feelings come and feelings go and feelings are not fact. They can change. "TRUE" love, never ends.

What do you want? For eg. if you want kids, he probably does not. Since he is older, he probably won't mess with your head, he has maturity, he could likely have everything he needs materialisticlly except a good woman like you. I hope you would love his heart and not his wallet.

Go for it! That's the only way you will ever know.


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thanks man.

I want to be independent. When I go out with him, we pay the bill in turn although he insistes to pay all the bills.

Wallet..... when I was with my EX, we lived together. At that time I was working and my EX was in school so I was kinda supporting the family.

Wallet is a complicated thing. It's not the issue that should come into my mind now.

If two persons are turly in love, everything can work out.

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I hope this thread brings out the best of "mature" western men !

1. I am not biased and I understand the situation and reviewed your case a few times.

   A man in his 50's is more relaxed and more understanding than a younger "HOT ROD" whether he is a Chinese or an American.

2. Age does make a difference and especially he reaches in his late 50's, he knows how to deal with many situation. I have been in those situation and many of my American friends are laid back, relaxed but there are also two sides of them.

3. So as I mentioned before, just have fun and enjoy yourself and try not to be so serious.

4. Being short is actually a good thing, let you be humble and see which guy is really interested in you and not just your height, or your curves or your body.

5. Be yourself and wear those 2 inches square shoes (I know what you are talking about, the boot, but nowadays, the popular ones are the 2 inches square one instead of high heel)

6. Most Chinese students are "in a hurry" and "LOST IN A MIST" in America. They have to fight their way to get an A , to be the best students and I understand that so I forgive them.

7. I can understand both sides of the argument and just encourage you to "EXPAND THE HORIZON' AND 'REACH NEW HEIGHTS IN YOUR FRIENDSHIP WITH YOUR FRIENDS"


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If the story is true.

I've noticed what you acturally want to say:)

If the story is true, I wish you two all the best.
P.S. Your profile is invalid.

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let me ask you all a question.

If you are 58 years old, alone but busy, do you wish that a 20- girl can acompany you a while to have fun together in your spare time?

2005-05-04 16:27


sure he will like you there, just let him have much of the space he has adjusted to in the past years.

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Metto81, My dentist is an Egyptian, she is the most gentle person. I have been h

There are many different kinds of Egyptian and they are very smart.

I have some Egyptian friends who are blacks and I have most Egyptian friends who look like European.

My dentist is an Egyptian and she did the most wonderful work on me today. Well I had to pay USD $800.00 just for a crown. Of course, she is very nice to the best customer besides I have three insurance cards !! hahhah !!!

But many Egyptians and Syrians are very westernized and I hope we respect our Arabic friends and not to be too critical of them.

There are good and bad in each race and I just like to stir up troubles once a while to make this column  FLR more alive and more controversial and exciting !!

Awoman, go for your heart !!!

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