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25 years Chinese woman and 58 years white man: Can love work out? [Copy link] 中文

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Then quit praising a washed-up old fart for his RACIAL features~~!

Or just because that pathetic over-the-hill is white ~~~!

Don't be a slut to the white man.

Have some self-respect.

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thank you, magnum-force

that helps a lot.

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xiaolifeidao, I can understand your feeling...

But I am kinda said that you said those words.

You should respect other ppl. At least him, cos'  it's me, not him, is discussing this issue here, right?

I assume you are a Chinese guy from your signature and your rage in your post. You know what my EX, a Shanghai guy, did to me? I tried every every effort to come to U.S. by myself on F-1 to get married with him since he said "I want to marry you" for one year, we had bee together for 3 years by then. But when I came to U.S., I found that he's already wearing couple ring with a Korea woman, who dyed her color into gold. He blamed me for not having make-up,always a plain face, when I was with him in China.

So, it's not wrong to praise natural characaters of a race, right? like the American guys praise the beauty of Chines women. The point is: ppl should respect the natural characater. It doesn't matter if one if over-the-hill or not.

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not just white is beautiful

every race has it's characaters of beauty. Like the black, some are really cute like Michael  Jordan.  Actually when I pass by a government builing everyday, I waved to say "Hello" to a few black security guys. They are nice to me too.

Just try to be nice to every person you meet in life and make yourself feel happy for the happiness you give to others.

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awoman, I think you should first say Chinese are beautiful, shouldn't you???

Get a grip, young woman.

Just because you were dumped by your shanghai ex, doesn't mean you have to be so desperate that you feel obligated to throw yourself onto a man much more than twice your age.

What did you say? you were "moved" or "overwhelmed" by his eye color and hair color? Even his beer barrel becomes "cute"? are you out of your mind?

How come we didn't hear you praise the hair color or eye color of your ex bf being "beautiful" or "cute" or "like ocean"?

Don't be brainwashed by the Hollywood movies just because you ended up in US where in the eyes of many you are but one little subversive "chink slut."

Respect Chinese, respect Chinese racial features, and respect yourself for being a Chinese.

Condi Rice is the MOST DISGUSTING woman I have ever seen.


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xiaolifeidao: an disgusting sample of another Chiese guy

any more comments?

I am falling for a guy because he is great.

Let me tell you a story.

When I was in China, I know a big figure. He was my mentor in a summer institute. I was in my senior  year of college. It seemed that he liked me a lot. He invited me for dinner and movie. When we were having dinner, he kept talking about that he was invited to many celebrity activities and even the mayor invited him for dinner lot of time. When we were in the cinema, he held my hands and play with them. it's so disgusting. And when the movie was over, I said I have to go back home. He said "Do you want to go to my place and have a good rest? My wife is out for a travel".  I said  no  thanks and never contact him anymore.

I guess that't not the typical Chinese situation. That happens every where in the world.

He could've offered me a great job. Actually he said his company would love to hire me. But I refufed all the stuff.  I refused him not because he is not a white guy.  Actually at that time I knew nothing about coming  to U.S.  untill my EX was here.  You should take a look at the personality when making friends, or looking for a relatoinship.

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cogito: I just said every race has its characaters of beauty,

if you don't consider that my EX is with one type of the races, my words won't count for you.


by the way, it's hard for me to praise the characater of my ex since he cheated on me for one year and also lied to all the parents, mine and his.

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