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25 years Chinese woman and 58 years white man: Can love work out? [Copy link] 中文

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My daddy is so great that I can never find a guy as geat as him.

He doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, never have affairs, comes home every day, never quarrels with my mom, never goes nuts, loves playing musical instruments, loves reading English Novels, is forever supportive for me and my sister. and the whole family, visit my grandma every weekend....

When I was a little kid, he carried me on his shoulders whenever walking , and  taught me how to draw Chinese traditional painting, told story before I fell asleep every day.  When I was in college, he told me the weather forecast whenever the weather was getting cold, and was waiting in the bus station everytime I went back hometown.

The only time he kicked my ass, I guess that will be the only time in my whole life, was that time I was 5 years old and followed one of my Mom's colleague, who was not  close to my family, to her home, bringing my cousin, who is 4 years old, along with me.  That was the only time.

My daddy is great. I can't get those stuff from  a BF, who needs me to take care of  but he still can't be understanding.

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Yeah, Chinese guys are so sophisticated here.  I guess that is because like is hard here.

Whenever I met a Chinese guy, he asked my major, and in what field that I can find a job. I told them that I will probably go back to China after finished school here because my major is not easy for a Chinese girl to get a job here.  So, no more words.... they never asked what kind of things I like to do,  how I spend my weekend, how is my school going...

I guess that why girl majoring in IT or mechanical somelike that are much better popular than girl majoring in education, language, those majors that hard to get a job. Once I saw a post from a website, a guy was asking the fellows which one he should choose, a girl in MBA or a girl in computor. Most of the guys answered "computor because that's easy to get a job and support the family together".

I am not complaining about those guys choosing wife according to major. Life is hard here and being sophisticated sometimes is necessary.

I am taking a not papular major here and probably will come back to China. No chinese guy asked me out in this whole year. I don't know if there is kinda connection of these 2 things.

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Can't help saying sth.

To awoman,
I don't see anything relavent of your previus ralationships with "CHINESE" guy and the frendship with this "AMERICAN".
If you think your bad experience with young Chinese guys is your justification for going for the opposite: the old American, I don't think that is fair statement for the other good Chinese guys out there, or even for the Chinese women. If Chinese guys are so unlovable, how do you think you are from? Why did your mother marry your father? Or your grandmother to your grandfather?...
If you are going for pure "FRIENDSHIP" with an old american guy, why shall anyone of us care? Don't you think your question is a little bit silly?
Sorry for my harshness. I am having PMS laterly. What I am saying here is forget about whatever crazy idea of your Chinese this and Ameican that. Like who you want to like, Love who you love. It is a free world, free life. Enjoy it and yourself.

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to holidays

My parents got married in China, and my daddy was not stuying in U.S. at time time.

I have said pretty objective about those chinese guys. My real experience  worked everytime.  I am not complaining about those sophisticated Chinese guys.

Different environment makes ppl act differently. Sometimes they have to survive.

if you say there are lot of good chinese guys here, how come I never met one?

That's all.

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Now that you've got enough attention, I think it's almost time for you to take out your real topic. Don't feel discouraged as we didn't mean it.
Say what you want to say without foreshadowing, that's the best way, or we'll all feel fooled.

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to: gracelee

Don't talk about his retirement.  That's not my concern. If I want bigger house I will build it by myself.  

If you love someone, love what he is, not what he will be....

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Thank you for sharing with us interesting stories about your caring father.

I am sure the MAJORITY of Chinese males are like your dad, decent, caring and responsible, in contrast to the so-called male Chinese "friends" you picked upon in your posts under this thread (or perhaps you intentionally or unintentionally made them to look bad in order to lay justifications to your unjustifiable "love" for a 58-year-old grandpa in bad condition) .

"What shall I do? try another Chinese guy? or try any other good guy?" - awoman

MOST young Chinese guys would be better than a 58-year-old failure with a front the size of  a small car .. albeit with "blue eyes" (who cares??) - just trust me!

And what is your big rush? We just don't get it here. You are only 25, and you are still in school. According to yourself you will return to your home country upon graduation. There will be literally billions of young attractive Chinese males for you to choose from.

Is it your own insecurity at work here - that you are afraid you are not able to land on a well-paid job in the States? Spell it out if it is true. You want to have a greencard which your current major does not guarantee you.

Convince us that I am wrong here.

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