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25 years Chinese woman and 58 years white man: Can love work out? [Copy link] 中文

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I am a Chinese girl in U.S. pursuing a graduate degree. I have a classmate. He said he has practiced for 30 years, which probably means that he is more than 55. He is a typical American seninor but just back in school part-timely for another graduate degree. He is not wearing a ring so I assume that he’s not married. He is interested in Chinese culture and loves Chinese movies. We went out for dinner, movie and jazz bar for a couple of times and really had a great time.

The most important thing is that he respects me. He is not like some Chinese guys my age I dated before, who interrupt me saying “ You should listen to me. I am definitely right ”. Did they realize that I am a woman with the same high level education with them? Can’t they accept a different opinion even though they could be right? But with this guy, I don’t feel like that. He listen to me when I was talking. Once he even said “maybe you are right” when I made a apparent mistake. When I discovered it later I apologized to him. And I was happy to listen to him for an hour about his interesting stories, smiling at him and making comments form time to time.

An other thing is that he never touched me, although once he held my hand and we ran across the street to get into a sweet-tooth store before a bus coming. That was like running for fun and we were just like teenage. He didn’t carry on the Three Base theory in American dating slang. But he looked deep into my eyes when I was talking. I guessed he was just treating me like his daughter or something. When I wrote to him to say good bye when the semester was over, he wrote back to me saying that “I love spending time and getting to know you better. Please say in touch and call me anytime!!!!”. Some ppl said he may like me very much.

I like him a lot, I have to admit. He has blue eyes deeper than the ocean and blonde hair shinier than the sun, although some are turning white, that makes it even brighter. He is not tall and carries weight. But that makes him even cuter. When he ran into the classroom, he was having flush on his face, makes his face look like a big red apple. And he looks pretty cool in casual shirt and blues-jeans pants although most of the time he wears business suits.

I don’t know where it’s going. Just let it be. If he wants to move on, I won’t say no. Maybe some ppl will say that I am a gold-digger. I don’t care. Nothing can stop me from making the one I love happy, no matter who.   But I am not sure what the 25 years of age gap can do for a relationship.

Any comments and suggestions?

Thank you.

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I've noticed what you acturally want to say

I've noticed what you acturally want to say:)

If the story is true, I wish you two all the best.
P.S. Your profile is invalid.

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thank you

but that's it??

I thought there would be huge argument.

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what does this mean?

“I love spending time and getting to know you better. Please say in touch and call me anytime!!!!”.

What does this mean??

Can I have any comments from American guys??

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A woman with an inferiority complex -- WISE UP, Black hair and black eyes are be

" He has blue eyes deeper than the ocean and blonde hair shinier than the sun"

What complete garbage from an inferiority-complexed slut.

Learn from your mentor Wacko Jackson, and bleach your yellow skin~~!


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【原创】 也谈抵制日货 -- 坚决杜绝小日本的罪恶“时尚”入侵中国大陆!!
『黑眼睛,黑头发,黄皮肤。。。。。。』 -- 著名爱国歌曲【龙的传人】

抵制日货是论坛上经常冒出来的话题,连不少Forum高人对此都兴致盎然。大家通常谈论的也许就是指电器,汽车等的日本工业品,但是,很多人没有看到的是,一个小日本发明的所谓“时尚”正在稍然入侵中国大陆 -- 这个给所有亚洲人带来耻辱的日货就是染黄发!

染黄发这个羞辱所有黑头发的亚洲人的“时尚”是小日本在20世纪后期发明的,是日本人在二次大战被美国人原子弹炸败之后的民族自卑心理的表现。日本人虽然和我们中国人同文同族,却不认为他们自己是亚洲人,日本人经常喜欢说亚洲和日本,言下之意,就是日本虽然在东亚,却不是亚洲的一部分!所以,日本国需要全民染金发,这样虽然整容手术没做,日本人看起来已经比其他黑头发的亚洲人“高”一等了,至少可以把他们自己叫做“欧洲人在亚洲”了,虽然日本人觉得自己比货真价实的欧洲人还是低一等。这种心态,正如不少Forum高人在这里提到的,正是日本人发明染黄发这个“时尚”的文化基础。上次在南韩和日本举行的世界杯足球赛中,日本队全队(除了一两个队员)都染成金发,记住,他们可要上场和金发的欧洲球队比赛的!我们知道,小日本在二战后在美国大兵的完全控制之下,老美说一,小日本不敢说二,这就是为什么曾经出过一本“日本可以说不”的书。再看东亚其他国家,南韩和祖国的宝岛台湾现在都是美帝国主义的类殖民地(看看连战在320后要见美国佬求情,和阿扁一个劲的舔美国佬的脚趾头来抬高自己的“合法性”就知了)。还有,香港人被英国人骑在头上快100年, 所以香港人,南韩人和台湾人要进口日本人发明的染黄发的“时尚”,大家可以理解,毕竟他们本来就是在白人的文化殖民下!但是,我们中国大陆难道是任何白人的殖民地,或类殖民地吗??我们为何要学小日本,或者是通过香港人,台湾人和南韩人学小日本,把自己的头发染成鬼模鬼样??以前我们的祖先看了洋人的模样把他们叫做鬼子,现在好像我们把这个叫法倒过来用自己身上了!!!




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awoman ( is he married is he divorced, is he married is he divorced )

You can always use a Private Investigator to be sure.
Yes, it can work, the 58 to 25 will work better for you than 25 to 23.
" “I love spending time and getting to know you better. Please say in touch and call me anytime!!!!”. "

This means he " LIKES " you, he " enjoys " your company, he wants to " spend  more time with you " he is " DISTANT " not close, you are in no
" danger  " from that man " at this time ".

Relationships that grow, are " Sometimes " worth the effort.

He likes you.

He does not love you.

This is a " GOOD THING "

To be liked is more " VALUABLE "

Love can follow.

Good luck

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although I don't get it why you put your post here.

Actually I hate dying hair into other colors,too. 身体肤发,受之父母.   if you dye your hair or even you skin into other colors (see what Michael Jackson got...... No offence to American ppl who like him ). I like my natural dark dark brown. I think  most Chinese women's hair is dard brown.

About the Japanese products, I'v already threw away my Asixo face cream. There was no protest here. But I will be supportive for my fellows.

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