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Why is it wrong to visit the Yasukuni Shrine !! [Copy link] 中文

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What do you think?

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The matter is not that simple

Yasukuni Shrine is OK. We don't want Japanese government to destroy that shrine.
Chinese government just wants Koizumi to stop visiting the shrine.
Japanese war criminals of WWII can be put into the shrine. It's OK. Their families need to remember them in spring. It's OK.
If Koizumi didn't know and visited the shrine for the first time, it's OK.
But after Asian countries' protests, Koizumi still went to the shrine. That's not OK!

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it is not just war criminals of 1945 that are buried there...

koizumi goes to yasukuni to honour the war dead, not to honour the 14 class A criminals that lie there and any other soldiers that committed war crimes in china.  the souls of all Japan’s 2.5 million war dead since 1853 are there, and government officials have been visiting yasukuni for a long time!  i understand that it may be frustrating to see koizumi honour people who did chinese people wrong, but at the same time, he is honouring many japanese soliders (SINCE 1853) who have simply died for japan.  you cannot expect him to stop simply because some of the war dead buried there committed war crimes...  i'm sure there are memorials all around the world dedicated to soldiers, some of whom committed terrible crimes, but we still have a right to honour the ones who simply fought for their country.

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I bet your pardon.

2.5 million Japanese soldiers died fighting for Japan.

Among them those died in 1894, Sino-Japanese War.
Among them those died in 1899, when the allied army fell Peking
Among them those died in 1905, Sino-Russian War in Manchuria
Among them those died in border conflict in Manchuria, an attempt to attack Russia
Among them those died since 1930, when Japanese invaded China
Among them those died since 1941, when Japanese attacked South East Asia
Among them those died in Pearl Harbour, Australia and Iwojima….

Can you tell how many of them not died in foreign lands, and not died as an aggressor?

Are they deserved to be visited?
Do Japanese asked themselves, they should not be in the shrine if there was no aggressor?

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What is wrong

Most people here worship Mao and he killed more Chinese than the Japanese did.  Don't you think that is wrong?

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Just because those troops died fighting abroad doesn't mean that they shouldn't be remembered. Otherwise most soldiers would never be remembered. They shouldn't pay for the crimes of their leaders. If you're religious, you pray for dead people regardless of who they are, what they did, etc. Dead soldiers should be prayed for, even if it's only for their sins.

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Very well, that is the key point of the argument.

They shouldn’t pay for the crime of their leaders, sounds reasonable enough….

Who were their leaders? Are those class A criminals who also being honoured in the same shrine?

If those were also receiving order, then who was the leader? We have to point to the Emperor Hirohito.

Japanese vigorously defense the late Emperor, they maintained he was peaceful and not wishing for war. Japanese protest strongly every time when western historians and media such as BBC published study the Emperor Hirohito did actively involved with the war, and should be responsible for the war crime.

Then it becomes a rashomon who were the criminals.

If no one should be responsible, should it be the responsible of Japanese as a whole?

This gives an opportunity for the right wingers to spread their theory that the war was not a crime. Then we see the white washing and silly theory of ‘liberation Asia from Western’.

Previous Japanese Governments carefully distance themselves from this idea. They never officially visit Yasukuni Shrine till PM Nakasone, who stopped upon foreign protest. PM Koizumi repeats his visits, and insists that is nothing wrong. By doing that he give a clear signal to Japanese, the government accepts the view point that being an invader was not a crime.

The dangerous part begins from here.

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