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Why is it wrong to visit the Yasukuni Shrine !! [Copy link] 中文

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I have a feeling that all this concept might not be easy to grasp,
as this is said to have come from "老荘思想" which I heard is considered crap in current China.
But to add to it, some see the war criminals also as victims of their own crime, a view I share.

Would you think we should show them no mercy, and hates them and curse them
even after their death, the ultimate punishment?
Their crimes now have been brought to justice in a international court.
Why not let the dead be dead?

Is it really an insult to the war victims, by not digging up poor souls who are already dead?
Does every country in Asia share your views?

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are u a japanese?

If u were a japanese i totally understand why u ask such a .... question
if u were not  a japanese....i am wondering why u ask ..
By the way i want to say sth about sino-japanese relationship, actually no country in this world is perfect,i mean, each country has its own advantages and disadvantages. you will never know about a country if you have never been there. you will never know the things maybe the rest of the word know, the goverment is always trying to hide things from citizens, got it ?
I dont hate japanese ,i think the people are ok, i met some, polite and friendly. so no offense to them.
Besides i am learning japanese right now.. kinda of difficult but i am working hard on it.

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Self Defence issues

On the Japanese self-defense issues, it is a little off topic to the shrine, but here's what I think anyway.

It is correct that the high-tech arms built-up in Japan is quite a considerable amount,
and many analysts also believe that if necessary, she can arm herself hard enough
to invade any country in Asia by force within 5 years.

but does this change the fact Japan has not exercised her military muscles for 60 full years?

This reminds us of the cold-war mentalities of the US and Soviet.
"The other country is armed, why shouldn't we?"

If at all possible I'd urge you to watch the film "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to
Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" by Stanley Kubrick as it gracefully laughs it off in style,
(his other films are also astounding by the way)
but the point I'm trying to make is actions by assumptions will never be of good to anyone.
If not impossible we should all try to respect one another, country or person.

If you live in Shanghai or Peking I believe you are aware of many Japanese tourist
visiting there every year (I was one of them last year).
Though the number temporary decreased during the course of the current events,
the Japanese wants to make friend with the Chinese.

If you think the Japs are still dangerous and unworthy of some respect,
then I suppose you can't respect us.
But those visiting China definitely respect your country, culture and people.
would it be too hard to show them some respect back in return?

And the ruling Chinese communist part leaders think they lack
respect from democratically elected Japanese government, after years of support and everything?
They certainly seems to, from the education they are giving, teaching kids to hate Japan.

Humanitarian issues aside, the resulting arms in Japan is part of the legacy of
having to fill the trade gap with the US.
The Japanese have sold them one too many cars and TV's, US demanded
Japan to buy things in return.
And who else makes better "Weapons of mass destruction" than the US themselves!

I am all against those American long-range arms purchases,
but these are purely politically issues, so I wouldn't like to comment too much

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It is not wrong at all

Visits to this shrine are not wrong at all. At In a Tree we think they should be visited by the big wigs more often.

Also, why don;t Chinese leaders go there to pay their respect to the Japanese soldiers who died in the war? You keep citing Germany as an example, well in Hamburg there is a memorial to the pilots of the British Air Force who were shot down whilst fire bombing the city. You keep saying you want Japan to follow their lead, well why don't you as well?

Come off it! You don't even know your OWN recent history; how can you judge interpretation of Japanese history?

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Why is that?

<quote> If u were a Japanese i totally understand why u ask such a .... question </quote>

Why is that I ask?
Is there some difference in culture that we should give up understanding each other?

I don't understand that any sane person knows that what went on during war was wrong,
yet we all seem to have different ways of interpreting it.
When in fact, there's only one unified feeling in all of us. Killing is wrong.

The shrine is one thing that keeps puzzling me.
Japan has shown her sincerity by disarming, developing, and providing
years of never-heard-in-history amount of support, both financial and industrial,
to those countries that were victimised by the imperial wartime Japan.

So like I asked, is the Shrine only thing that keeps Japan a bad girl?
Is paying tribute to our dead ancestors in our traditional way really that
much of a insult to other nations?

This is the million dollar question I keep asking, with concern that many do
actually believe an wrong view that the shrine "Glorifies the war criminals and their crimes".
when it DOES NOT, as said in my long pages of previous posts.

Aren't there more Chinese people who would like to comment on the issue?
Or do you all think showing even that much of a tiny respect to Japan and her culture
is too rich to ask?

Please, I'm only trying to understand the misery that is Chinese hatred against Japan.
Don't forget I have relatives who had his arm chopped off by the Chinese soldiers and
those who had everything including their properties and the body themselves
by the Nuclear bomb. (I am from Nagasaki, the city that was nuked by the US).

Anyone care to enlighten me?

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I read through so many posts you have put here. The only thing I can see from there is you asking your neighbors understand you, but you have not mentioned a word that you need to understand your neigbors.

You think this is a constructive way to deal with your neighbors?

I don't think we have become any closer after so many conversations because your intention here is only asking my understanding, and asking me to give up what I believed.

But you have not presented me any reasonable arguement to convince me yet.

You said shrine doesn't contain any holy or honor meaning in Japanese, which I actually don't believe it. Here I assume it could be true but why don't Japanese move those war criminals out of there to build a "War Criminal's Shrine"? Then you argue that you have different culture ... etc so China and other Asia nations should understand it.

mpc1999, you are not an honest person, or you are very self-centered. It is a shame to argue here in this way to protect what your government and your nation have done wrong in the past.

be honestly, you disappoint me very much, I hope the majority of Japanese are not think in your way.

Japan has de-armed for 60 years, yes, but it was enforced by the US millitary. East Asia countries have not seen Japan has such a desire by itself, instead, Japan starts provok the neighbors China, Korea, and Russia in recent few years, meanwhile, Japan sent millitary to Iraq, and claims wanting to be a "normal" country, which means will re-arming.

Japan is considered a bad bird in Asia is not only because of the shrine thing, there are many other things the Japanese have done are much worse than that.

Anyway, thanks for the conversations. Bye.

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why some posts of mine not appearing?
Is this forum censored by the communist party?

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