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Why is it wrong to visit the Yasukuni Shrine !! [Copy link] 中文

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After countless "Apologies" by the Japanese officials, I am puzzled as to why
they are accused of "not being sincere".

One reason so often I come to pass is the issues of the Yasukuni shrine.
Especially common in western media, the shrine is described as
"The place that commemorate the war criminals as heroes" but is this really the case?

I don't see it that way, but simply a mis-understanding caused by lack of understanding
difference in religious views of Japan which is unique in many ways.

I'm no expert in the subject, but in "Shinto" (which actually happens to have many influence from
the past Chinese culture in its roots), upon death, every soul will gain a place to rest in peace,
let it be good or evil.

that for good are honoured for having good deeds while in living,
and for the evil, to have received the ultimate punishment, the "death".

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Graveyards and the corpse benieth will never talk, the living will

How good or bad a man can be in his living, there are lessons we can learn from it.
One lesson Japan has learnt from the war and its victims is that violence will never solve a dispute, internal or external.
For that in her institution Japan has declared to denounced War as a means of solving dispute,and de-armed all its military capabilities.

Since the end of the past war, Japan has not mobilized her forces anywhere in the world
instead relied on peaceful measures of solving dispute, for 60 full years.
Isn't this a sincere act of remorse, more than just some public relations wordings that many so claim the politicians are playing?

In Shinto there are no heavens or hell, the souls will just become a part of nature -
to become one of the 8,000,000 gods that are said to be around everywhere,
to rest in eternity, with the generations beyond and beyond.

Though it may seem a little kiddish, the film "rincess Mononoke" by Hayao Miyazaki
beautifully illustrates Japanese view on the life beyond and values of nature.

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No "Winner" in a war, just the victims.

I know in communist China a religion is often treated as a "Drag for the Minds"
but please try to understand that one of the reasons why Japan and her people
will NEVER raise in arms to hurt friends abroad is the silenct words of the dead corpses
buries in Yasukuni.
It will never be a cause for Japan to take military action like some fear, but the opposite.

It is understandable as many in Japan have also lost loved ones, by their own act but the result is the same, that those who were hurt in the war will not be without bitterness,

But the Yasukuni Shrine is not a place to honour the murderers of Chinese (or any other nations) victims,
but a fact to remember the fact those murderers are put down to death for their actions.

I hope I am being clear enough, and there sometime be a mutual understanding between us that is one and maybe only thing we need if we are to peacefully be happy together for the times to come.

thanks for reading!

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Sorry I forgot to put the question mark in the topic title

It should have read

"Why is it wrong to visit the Yasukuni Shrine?"

my apologies if someone read this topic and was illustrated by the content which might not seem what the title suggests.

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Any sane human being would understand that worshipping and honouring brutal rapists and savage murderers as NATIONAL HEROES is wrong.

p/s: if that is acceptable to you, then you're on your own. And be prepared to be treated as such!

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here's a dictionary definition of "worshiping"

What I would liked to demonstrate, is that in your phrasing,
"worshipping and honouring brutal rapists and savage murderers as NATIONAL HEROES"


In reality it is a "lace to honour the fact  brutal rapists and savage murderers received the ultimate punishment of death"

Do you see the difference, and the points I'm making?

Graveyards are for the dead. but what we make out of it is up to us.
So sad that really we are both feeling and thinking the same, but those lost in translation goes as far as to make us think we are not.

If I don't make sense please tell and I'll try to clerify further.
and that sort of threating is unnecessary.

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seems you interpret word differently from anyone else.

Check your dictionary, what does  'shrine' mean?

Here it is:

shrine [shrīn]
n (plural shrines)
1.         holy place of worship: a sacred place of worship associated with a holy person or event
2.         container for holy relics: a case or other container for sacred relics, for example, the bones of a saint
3.         tomb of holy person: the tomb of a saint or other revered figure
4.         niche for religious icon: a ledge or alcove for a religious icon, for example, in a church
5.         something revered: an object or place revered for its associations or history

Let me ask you here – are those war criminals holy persons??

So far I only find one Japanese here is quite honest. You and other Japanese here are just insane. What you guys behave here is - everyone knows you lied and now you are telling another lie to cover up your past lies. Isn't it too stupid?

If you guys believe what you are doing is ok, then go ahead, this is the way of Japanese anyway. Then don't blame your neighbors believe you are bad guys and dishonest, no honor, or whatever.

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