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Can one love two grils ? [Copy link] 中文

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your parents first and the rest will resolve itself when the time comes.

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One can love many girls , but the loves on those girls are not the same !

One can love several girls for diverse reasons , such as for ture love , for her beauty , for loneliness.
  But I hold that man should lay him love on the  girl that  will be the companion  for his  whole life . If  you loved hundreds of  girls , how could you be loyal to your love ?

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It's really a head-scratched case : I like to see the laughing face of my colle

I  feel strong affection on my collegemate now  , for I can see her everyday . But I couldn't  summon the courage to tell this fact to the       far-away girl who shared joys and sorrow with me  during my three-year senior school  life. Maybe she still live in my heart, everytime when she  made a  call or sent a message  to me I would be  involved in  missing her for a long time .
   Sometime I even thought about escaping from the reality , But I knew that was unrealistic .
  Is the best way for me to solve the problem without hurting anyone of  us three to keep solitary ?

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joezhang, right up the top, is the correct one.

1: Choose one. Lose one.

2: Lose both, Lose two.

It will not work, it never works, it never can work.

Sure, while you have money, you can fool yourself with but in the end, the answer will be, lose 2, lose 3, lose 4 and so on.

It is tough, you do not want to choose, but you must.


Do not choose and just wait to lose both and see who the next one is.


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Oh, the words you said is reasonable , just like words from a philosopher .

I  highly  appreciate your words . You must be a person with numerous experiences I have never had . Is that right ?

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Robert Cheng

Yes, your right Robert, it is from one who knows what will happen.

You can not win.

Many older men, who have the same experience will tell you the same thing, you may think you can win, but alas, it will not work.


Lose two or choose one and then maybe lose the one you choose.


Only with money will it work and even so, much misery.

In the end, it will not work, as i said, you can not win.

It is because, like many men, you like the smile and the laughter and maybe the attitude of A: but you like the warmth and the friendship of B: but if you meet C: she may be all the things that A nd B are not and so you will be drawn to her, until you see D: who is drop dead pretty and can sing and can dance and you will be taken by her until you see E: who cares for you and cuddles you and worries you are safe and not sick and cooks the best food ever............................

That is why you can not win Robert...............


Because God made no PERFECT woman, just a variety and all will LACK something and all will HAVE something.

But in the end, even with money, that will fail, as most girls, will want their own man, even if you have money and she will leave you.

Trouble is, most will leave you, right when you need them most.

AsI said, CHOOSE ONE and take the result, come what may.


CHOOSE neither and eat the flack.

OR lose both and see who comes next.

But can you win, no you can't win.

So, you must do the best you can.

I can give you some advice that is good advice.


Choose the one with the SOFTER TEMPER, choose the one who gets less angry, choose the one who is more calm.

WHY. ?

Because as they get OLDER, they get more angry.


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More for Robert Cheng

Humour required.

Passion lasts for a few years.

Love lasts for a few more years.


Forever is 7 years.

I will love you always is 6.5 years.

But friendnship and respect, may last 80 years.


If you must choose ( which maybe you are better to wait )....

If you must choose, choose the one who LIKES you.

Choose the one who RESPECTS you.

Choose the one who is your FRIEND.


The one with the best nature, the softer temper, the more calm one.

And Robert.................................

Good Luck.........................




If you do not like either Mother, get rid of that girl.

The DAUGHTER is always the same as the MOTHER.

So.............if the mother is trouble, so will the daughter be trouble.

If the mother is nice, strong chance the daughter stays the same as the mother.

The Mother is a good and tried and proved GAUGE and GUIDE to the daughter.

But if both Mothers are nice, you are in the same trouble as at the top of the page.

Go back to square one.


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