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New US Intel chief nominee calls China's future "very strong and powerful" [Copy link] 中文

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US Director of National Intelligence nominee John Negroponte said analysis and understanding of China was crucial to US interest since China will continue to play a "very strong and powerful" role in future world affairs.

(Senator) BAYH: You've already touched upon the HUMINT (Human Intelligence) aspect of this, I believe. Let me ask you finally, in terms of the priorities looking globally at our strategic priorities for intelligence collection and assessment and then use by the policy-makers, where would you rank China in terms of our priorities? We have the war on terror. We have proliferation. We have assisting the war fighter. Where would you rank China in...

NEGROPONTE: Well, I think this raises a broader issue, doesn't it, Senator? And you're talking to somebody who spent about 15 years of his career in East Asia: Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, but always on the periphery of China and as a deputy assistant secretary for East Asia. So I feel I know -- and I went to Beijing with Dr. Kissinger in 1972. So I was in on the takeoff, if you will, of our relationship with the People's Republic of China.

NEGROPONTE: That is a long-term issue. Our children and grandchildren are going to live in a world where China will be a very strong and powerful player on the world scene. So in terms of longer-term intelligence analysis, I think it's very important to follow countries such as China, analyze them well and carefully so that we understand the longer-term implications that a country like that has for our foreign policy.

BAYH: I would encourage you in allocating scarce resources -- and obviously you always have to set priorities -- but let's not let the long term -- let's not lose sight of the longer term, where I think this is going to be a very important relationship that we understand. Again, thank you, Ambassador. Look forward to working with you. Mr. Chairman, thank you for your indulgence.

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Good relationship betw China and USofA crucial to future

The USofA has always figured in some capacity in China's recent history, she did great things, some of which were good things. USofA never colonized China that former predatory colonial powers did.

USofA is still the premier economic  power whereas China is the biggest emerging market, arguably the biggest market in the world and with a strong, sustained growth, it is crucial that the two countries have a good relationship. Everything can be settled peacefully with a bit of good will and a bit of give and take. No-one in his right mind would want an acrimonious fall out between these two.

Given the current state of play, USofA has the opportunity to influence China's development to some degree, ergo carpe deum!

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China needs to be humble, its problems are many and varied....

....looking at the "rancing Lion" nations that mimic American methods of development (which in itself mimic ancient Chinese civilization) reveal new problems.

Low fertility, high stress society. High urbanization (95%), detachment of family to state or external church - family links no longer the "glue" to ensure "social welfare". Replacement of the "Multinational corporation" or "faceless national bureacracy" instead of familiar links, provincial links etc.

Pyramid industry, ant like nation. High urbanization (99%), high taxation and low standard of living. (180 cars per thousand, 80m2 homes, 1.5 female fertility, mass brainwashing on monolith government institutions.)

Hong Kong
Over emphasis on entertainment. High urbanization (98%), family links retained and efficient neutralization of Western secret societies (church) via fragmentation and strict financial accounting. Small housing 50m2 homes, 1.2 female fertility, free people but high housing cost - result in low fertility)

America has been quite smart in this respect compared to the British Club commonwealth.

It has kept urbanization limited to 77% of population, alas, only the Hispanics, native American and Blacks seemed to be the bulk of the rural folks. Over emphasis on money resulted in DICK SIZE COMPARISON society and ALL-U-WANT-TO-EAT wasteful society.

China must monitor all the societal result from various SOCIETY RUN ON DIFFERENT DOGMAs.

The CAtholic organization, uses MORAL SUASSION of no ABORTION, no CONTRACEPTIVES to ensure fertility but its people still lack the SELF EMPOWERMENTS, LOVE OF VARIETY, PRACTICALITY to ensure a vibrant wealthy society.


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Lord of the code.

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but chinese should not sightlessly arrogant

yes ,china is developing rapidly recently ..and china have rich intellgence resources  but  china's resource spillover is serious  .
  many of china's postgraduate students go abroad urgently after graduation is an enormous loss to the chinese government ///
so ,we  must be careful of americans' sugar-coated bullet ..
non-indeed friend's adulation is mostly trap ,..
boost up  your power is the most realistic problem..
strength  is everything

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