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Most Chinese want 'a foreign wife' [Copy link] 中文

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"With all due respect, I certainly do not own this "bullshit" you speak of selrahc"

to be honest media bullshits alot, Otherwise we will never have news. When you "really" think about news. lot of them are bullshit and crap and overly hyped. Just as any financial news we get mostly are hyped and contain secret messages understood by professionals.

You need to use your own head to judge whether a news is not a bullshit or not and not follow news regardless where it is from (as news is made by human and human are biased by nature).

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Bravo, Neocortex, CD published an article last week about American lacking sleep

The publication of such news about American lacking sleep based on the research by the American Sleep Foundation in CHINA DAILY was a disgrace !

Even all the Ameican media attacked the research result stated it was biased because the research was funded by companies which sell  expensive soft sleeping beds and sleeping pills.

never trust a news article before you check out the source and the companies or people sponsored such article or research result !

Who is dr.charles, Ms. Adventurous, Is there such ghosts in this Forum !

My name is selrahc, don't know who is dr. charles ?

Do I love to have a china doll, yes, not a real one but a silky, sultry, bright red, soft, and tender china doll !

Ms. Adventurous, do you know where can I "buy" a china doll, here in the CHINA DAILY FORUM, I prefer the FInnlady !! LOL !! She is so pale and white !!!

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since you said that "I prefer the FInnlady !! LOL !! She is so pale and white

there is NO chinadolls or china doll for sale here! horney

but there are plenty of "pale and white", as you described, for sale.  there are russian girls for sale, there are former soviet girls, former red east european girls for sale in other parts of the world, why don't you go there try to buy one?

Beautiful Russian Women Wanting Romance Thousands of sincere Russian & Ukrainian women looking for dating and marriage. Start looking for your bride today. Free tour DVD to learn more about our romance tours.

russian girl marriage  
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now there dr. charles you won't know unless you try your favorite, "pale and white" girls

oh when did you change your occupation again?  no longer a doctor in phychiatry?  you talking through your hat again

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Finnlady is a white trash pervert/transexual masquerading as a Scandinavian whor

And the forum resident exhibitionist, the horny  dr ch@rles, actually prefers him?

Oh boy, seems to us that dr ch@rles needs to get laid - SUBITO !!

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i am chinese,i wanna local nice woman LOL

i hunger for national woman,they are kind,beautiful,warm-hearted lady,most important innocent,i love them so much,but i know,i only have one,so what can we do about rest.

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No, I have my honey at home, just need a china doll for her !! Not for me !! LOL

Finnlady  who ? who knows?? Do I care? No !

She should show her picture and her e-mail and physical address and phone number to confirm her identity ! hahahha

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Ms. Adventurous, " You are such a fine lady, thnak you for introducing me to whi

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