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Most Chinese want 'a foreign wife' [Copy link] 中文

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i don't care whats if its a white girl or asian girl. the personality counts more.

Besides all these crap about "chinese women loves foreigners" "western love chinese girls" etc etc etc. and all these sort of topics, just get over it.

Just because you are in an "english-chinese forum" doesn't mean it represents the rest of chinese views or foreigners......

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Neocortex is right on. The talk of western men and Chinese girls is blow out of

CHINA DAILY moderator,

  It is unhealthy to allow these kind of threads to continue.

It does not represent the majority of friendship, love and relationship in CHINA !

It represents less than 0.0000000000000000000000000001% of love.

I would rather read some more high quality topics !

O.K. Does anyone know the sexual technique of "earl necklace" ?

I doubt any Chinese use that too often, the "earl necklace" sexual technique ???? LOL

Finnlady, once you go with Selrahc, you never go back !!!!!!!!!

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Jaimz78, Your bullshit of Most Chinese men want "a foreign wife" is a disgrace

Did you marry to a white girl?

I did !

First of all, you have to give up chopsticks,rice bowl,  eat at Red Lobster, steaks and shrimps, drive a Benz, live in a gated community, attend community charity functions, take her shopping until you drop, go on vacations, Valentine's Day is the most important day of the year, same as birthday.

You better spend more time at the Mall waiting for her to shop and choose the chic fashion, open the door for her, and do all the household work.

If you haven't married to a white girl, then shut up !!

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ack all that work?

dude !!!!!!!if a guy made me do all that.. I would kill him!.. shopping.. ICK..When i go shopping i get what i need and the heck outta there!

not all "white" girls do that kinda stuff..

My idea of a great night.. a beer and the hockey game on T.V ( or going to see it live!)... I don't care for eating out i'd much rather cook together at home.. and I certainly do not like it when men spend money on me.. unless it's  something i can give in return..

P.S i'm not chinese.. but I will never stop using the chopstick.. much easier then a folk.. most amazing cooking tool in world.

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Reply: Jaimz78, Your bullshit of Most Chinese men want "a foreign wife" is a dis

My bullshit?

I have no intentions of insulting your intelligence, but please read my original post once more, and more prescisely instead of skimming through.

You'll note that it is not "my" article which I had written and posted. It was merely a reference to a news article which I had happen to have read online, and I posted it here to gather some insights to what people think of this matter.

You my dear Sir, were sadly mistaken.

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Exact same article.


OP: kingleo4ever

With all due respect, I certainly do not own this "bullshit" you speak of selrahc.

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dr. charles is sick of his ailing big wife, if you had seen, unfortunately, his

chinadoll for a change, oversea bride, to have more children.

so it is only natural for him to disagree with this "bullshit"

"Every international marriage is challenged by cultural and language differences"

i agree with above sentence, or i should say i am able to IMAGINE the interracial marriage situation where the femal and male are mainly speaking body languages, at least in the very beginning LOL

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