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Who despise Chinese? [Copy link] 中文

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I went to two famous bars in ChangChun city, one is called May Flower(you will find it is a sarcasm name), the other is called Old Street. There are lots of foreigners there. One thing makes me very angry that all foreigners can have a discount card named so-called “VIP card”, and in the card it is written “foreigners only”! This reminded me at once the words “no entry for dogs and Chinese” in the past! Further more , this time it is Chinese bosses of the bars “invent” this instead foreigners who hate Chinese. I think the bosses (and so many average Chinese) believe that foreigners are always rich and Chinese are poor. If this is true, it is logical that foreigners don’t need the card at all and at the same time POOR CHINESE should need this very much! I am sure that in the bosses’ minds, the conception of VIP is the person who can spend a lot of money in their bars, but I found so many Chinese go to the bars very often and each time they spent lots of money, in this view, the VIP card should be given these Chinese and not “foreigners only”! On the other hand some foreigners who come from Russia or eastern Europe (in Chang Chun , there are many foreigners who are from Eastern Europe) are not rich and I don’t think they spend more money in bars than many Chinese do but this doesn’t prevent them from getting the card. Even foreigners from North America or western Europe who can speak perfect English are not all very rich, I know their salaries are just several thousand RMB per month and some of them dare not to go to a bar very often because of their economic status. By the way , every Saturday night , FOREIGNERS can get food in Old Street Bar FOR FREE. Even many foreigners think it is ridiculous let alone me myself. It is a racism . It is Chinese who despise Chinese . fury!
(Excuse my limited English .)
What do you think of this? Do you have similar stories?

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I am sorry to hear that!

I think it is ridiculous!

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quite likely it is simply business

there are at least two sound business reasons why a Chinese landlord would grant a discount to foreigners:

1) they have a different 'bar culture' and tend to drink much more.  a customer who drinks five beers in two hours at ten kuai each is more profitable than one who drinks just one at fifteen or even twenty kuai.  for more or less the same reason in belgian bars beer is usually cheaper than coffee even though it is more expensive to the landlord.

2) it seems that many chinese consider the presence of westerners in a bar as a sign of quality and that the bar is the ' real thing'  - bars being more of western thing where chinese traditionally had teahouses.  directing marketing efforts at foreigners is therefore a way to automatically attract more chinese customers.

those landlords imho just try to practice sensible management even if it is maybe not good politics and certainly not 'fair'.

incidentally: i used to be a professional bartender for many years (first working my way through college, later because i liked it too much to get another job immediately).

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Shame, shame, shame

I am  very sorry to hear about your expedriences. Foreigners are no better people than chinese. And money doesn´t smell.

But thank you for your warning - I shall never enter the bars you mention when I come back to China.
I hate this kind of discrimination to chinese - and then in their own country.
I think you should learn the owners to behave in a decent way - teach them some good manners!!!

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try to find the truth and then let's discuss

it seems to be a sad story but i am also curious about the true reason on the owner's side. so would you please ask him about it next time you go there? i think maybe we can have a further discussion later on.
don't draw an easy conclusion before u dig out the truth.

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Somebody has to made a visit to that bar......and burn it


Don't get too angered also, the people of that bars are surely a bunch of snobs (probably yankees, and, you know how are them usually).

I will move the next year to study one year in China, I will take care of avoid that couple of dirty places.

Oh, yes, I'm from Catalonia (a country of western Europe)

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You are as stupid as those who discriminate against the Chinese!!! "Yankee" is a very hateful, derrogatory word for Americans!!! Read the posts, you idiot! The problem is with how certain Chinese treat other Chinese.

Do you know of the western European nations of England, Holland, and Germany? They were very cruel racist exploiters of Chinese people--not Americans!

In fact, America was late in entering World War 2 against Germany, because England feared that America would force England to give up its colonies throughout the world, including those in China.

So, go educate yourself about the history of Asia, rather than say such stupid things!

The problem is that the bar owners are CAPITALISTIC and GREEDY! They are racial traitors and bring disgrace to their own people!

Their thinking comes from the attitudes of the old European colonialism. Now, the Europeans are sneaking back into China, behind the Americans, to exploit the Chinese and get special deals that the Chinese can't get! Colonial memories and practices must not be allowed!

The Chinese people should complain to the bar owners and especially to the local government authorities. NO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION!!

Chinese and dogs drink for lower-prices and eat for free!!!! Former colonialists pay three times the usual prices!

It is America who went to the World Trade Organization to have China admitted, and it is America that invests the most money in modernizing China and providing high-level technical training to Chinese people. And America is by far the largest purchaser of products from China!

America buys very little from Europe. Rather, America has bought most of Europes best automobile companies, such as Volvo, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, and others. Rolls Royce uses many American designed and manufactured parts.

Catalonia is what English speakers call "Spain." It is a VERY beautiful country with a rich history in art and music. Its cities are so beautiful and the food is wonderful.

The people--other than lususnaturae--are very friendly and hospitable. There way of life is relaxed and festive.

Barcelona is a city whose architecture is fantastic art. Madrid is the other major city, so beautiful, too.

I have visited Catalonia many times, and I have many friends who are artists and professors there.

The worse thing, though, is their bullfights. They cruelly torture the animals, killing them very slowly. The world's animal protective organizations should force them to stop that!!!!

Catalonia, Italy, Portuagal, Sicily, and Corsica are my favorite places in Europe. England and France--in my opinion--are horrible, boring places to visit. Many wealthy English people still think of China as their colony and still think of Chinese people as being less human than they are!

Join as a nation to abolish the cruel, barbaric torturing of animals to death for human entertainment!!!

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