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Who despise Chinese? [Copy link] 中文

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a bit over-sensitive?

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why chinese despise chinese?

Reading you story, i thougt of other story which said that there are some special fashion shop runed by chinese in beijing city that no chinese can be allowed to enter except foreiger. it's so sad, our chinese despise chinese.  why? for money?

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I explain what you said

What do chinese express friendship to foreigner,the case what you said ,chinese think foregner is true friends ,but all chinese are competitor,this is chinese tradition ,it can't change.

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RE: a bit over-sensitive?

>Aside from what lususnaturae wrote & may have meant: Yankee is not >necessarily hateful & derogatory, Tiger. The word idiot seems far worse.

"Yankee" was originally used as a term of contempt (it was used in the same manner as the contemporary "redneck"), but most Americans take no offense from it.  To most Americans, it refers to people from the northern U.S., who are distinguished by their nasal accent.

Regarding this whole discussion-- bars, like most any business, do whatever they think will make money.  If foreigners spend more money in bars, they'll want to attract foreigners.  Bars in the U.S. give similar discounts to female patrons, admitting them for free and giving them free drinks.  I got kicked out of a bar once for not tucking in my shirt.  Still, I think a better policy might be "high spenders only" or something more direct.

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all for money

It's all for money, the businessmen all regard the foreigners as richers.They do all the things for money.

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MONEY is the reason!

I am sorry to hear your story in Changchun.
there're many chinese think you have more money than we chinese,there's only money in their eyes.

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total nonsense.

All foreign people with a decent common sense should just ignore those bars with 'foreigner only' signs.

Whether it's in China or elsewhere, stupid people exist. I've heard of an incident in Sanlitun where a guy was chopped with a kitchen knife by a car owner, just because some people {of which the guy belonged to} didn't move out of the way when the bar owner tried to park his car.

If you are in China, it might be hard to blend in with the local people. People will start talking behind your backs. Try to get a local friend who isn't into that money crap, if your friend is on your side, he/she will tell you when people are trying to rip the cash out of the "Laowai" {a term I think is seriously outdated as well as rude}.

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