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why is the west criticizing China? [Copy link] 中文

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Maybe the reason China is attacked....

(attacked no more than the USA by  China) because China does not play fair.

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What are you on?

In what way or what are the things that China does are not fair play?

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The media criticizes everyone . . .

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American media criticizes everyone!

I mean it, American media is crazy about criticizing everyone, so don't take it personally. They go after everything like sharks in a frenzy. As far as European or other regional medias, I suspect they're similar, but they're not quite as bad.

Anyway, as far as China goes in  my opinion -- you're doing it the right way. China is making changes slowly. Of course, people are going to argue "too slow" or "too fast"; that's normal. Russia's biggest mistake was changing everything FAR too quickly.

As far as Chinese government goes, well, I personally believe in democracy (I'm American) but I also don't believe in change overnight. The Chinese government is a meritocratic system, and there are things to be said for that.  Besides, no system is _flawless_ -- in a democracy, for example, idiots and smart people both vote.

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Japanese eat dolphins... attack them!


<<I also don't believe in change overnight>>
I'm glad you're one of those right-minded person.

Everyone should and can learn to appreciate criticism to empower themselves by imporiving their flaws pointed out by critics. This has been my message since I join this board.

Unfortunately, some western and pro-west posters are seen and perceived as not commenting on goodwill but rather enjoy magnifying and depicting every conceivable human flaws to gloat. This is not nice. Their behaviour is believed to be shaped by the critical western medias about China.

Our problem with western media is they are being {{selective}} in reporting news. This is very unethical.

They seem to be doing a good amount of China bashing while gloss over the ugly side of their "ally" countries. Clearly, this is politically driven. Just because China is a communist state which does not go in line with western democracy.

We see that the demonization of "enemy nations" as detrimental for our relationship in the long run. What's more worrying is the media playing the tune of their government to manipulate public opinion to gear its people toward supporting their government's future hostile action against "enemy nations".

If the criticisms are right on place and does not overdo, and better still propose some solutions to help our problems, these intentions would have been taken seriously and not in condescending manner.

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I agree, it's certainly to do with power politics, which is quite natural I think in an anarchic world... strategically China will encourage criticisms of the west as well (as we can see on this message board). I guess it's very, very hard for humans to be objective, we simply can't...

I don't agree about the political system threat though... it's not really about the "communist threat" anymore. Even China is not communist - it has a market economy, how can that be communist? I think I read something on ChinaDaily last month about them not supporting money-losing SOEs anymore. I think also, it has relaxed it's Stalin-type political system a bit despite it still being a one-party ruler. The U.S, I think, can safely assume that "political reform" = more "democratic" practices as opposed to "communist" ones...

China has done well though to stagnate it's political reform while rapidly reforming the economy. Probably that's what the countries who don't want to reform democratically but still want the economic benefits will look towards. But it does rely a LOT on a successful economy... keeping the middle and intellectual class happy (again, not communist!). I'm no economist so I have no idea how good the economy will be in the next 30 years.

So, I think the U.S. sees China as more of an economic threat - deadly in times of peace :)

I don't think China is near being a military threat or anything, but we'll have to see in the next few decades...

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China's monetary policies are about stablity

China's monetary policies, and specifically pegging the dollar, are about stablity.  If China was truly interested in using its currency to manipulate the playing field, then why stop at 8+ to 1? Why not manipulate more if it was about using the currency to manipulate?  The exchange rate has been stable, and the same for about 10 years now, so it's pretty hard to make a case that China was and is using the currency to manipulate.   

The playing field is not level.  But it is not mainly because of the currency.  It's mainly because US has an inflated cost structure relative to China's lower cost structure, so this rendered the US labor market non-competitive in a global economy.  China is not the only country that has a cost advantage over US.

As I wrote before, even if you readjusted the currency up by 30% as some economist recommended, the cost differences to produce a product would still offer a health difference, nothwithstanding the currency adjustment.  But I do see how this idea of floating the currency can be used as a lighting rod by politicians to inflame the uninformed.

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