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why is the west criticizing China? [Copy link] 中文

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Cant we have a more intelligent discussion?

Can we just have an intelligent discussion without a few idioits muddying the water? By the way, your post is very insightful indeed. I think the biggest reason why the West is criticising (or should i say bashing?) China so relentlessly is that they are frearing that the  Western ideas, such as only deomocracy  can lead to prosperity, will lose its popularity and superiority if China becomes the economic superpower under the administration of CCP authoritarian government. It is understandable though. After all,  a rising power like China, an contradicting combination of captalism and communism, political oppression and economic freeedom, opportunities and threats, has never existed becore.

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wait and see....

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Why is the wests criticizing China?

IMHO, this is a concerted effort to manipulate public opinion so that they could get the support of its people in justifying containment policy of China.

For decades, the wests has been telling its people that communism is not good. People would suffer under such a system. Then these democratic wests are the one who illegally sanctions communist countries like Cuba and North Korea and say to its people,

"Look, how poor and pathetic they are"

And when these cornered countries took a desperate counter-measures, they will say,

"Look, how hostile they are".

Therefore, a rising rich and powerful communist China would expose all their lies and put them in a very difficult position. The containment policy of USSR worked and there's no barring them applying that mechanism on China.

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Oh brother yet again!

Why is the west so fond of criticizing China? What aspects are the west constantly attacking? To answer these questions let me break it down for all readers.

1. Politics (China has no democracy)
If the CCP in China were to succeed in leading China into the world's de facto economic superpower, this will lead to a political paradigm shift across the globe. Many countries will then learn from the Chinese style of government and dump their current pan-European style democracy. This is seen as the greatest threat to Europe and America because their political foundation could be challenged.

What can I say. Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi, Iraq, Afghan, and more are starting democracy. Who is starting Communism? No one.

2. Enviornment (China has the 18 of the world's 20 most polluted cities)
Europe was home to all of the world's most polluted cities in the 18th and 19th century because that's where the industrial revolution started. America is now the world's number one consumer of energy and dumps more CO2 to the atmosphere than any other country. Lets not forget that Europe also colonized much of the world for the industrial processing of much of their resources, thereby polluting a huge part of the world without being accounted for. Enviornmentalists, which are predominantly white Europeans or North Americans, criticize China for exacerbating the climate change and ozone depletion when in fact the west has been doing it for centuries and at a much bigger accumulated scale. Politicians use this stat to criticize China because it serves their personal interests.

The entire world has to be concerned with global warming. The US is not doing enough. As far as I know China is ignoring the issue completely.

3. Income Disparity (wealth gap is widening)
This issue is continuously brought up in western media, once again, to serve the interest of certain groups of people. Airbus and many iron companies, for example, may lobby some politicians, who would then commission an academic research or media coverage about China's demographic and geographic distribution of wealth. They want China to disperse investments inward and to the west because more railroads will have to be built and more airplanes will have to be bought. Lets not forget that Europe and America both have their problems (France and Germany's unemployment rates are at the highest level since WW2, America's income disparity is also among the all time high). Why should China's internal problems be a concern for the west when they have such high unemployment rates in the first place? From currency peg to intellectual property, from wealth distribution to freedom of information, all these things that the western world is criticizing China for derive from a common motive: corporate profits.

The west only wants a level trading field with China. Currently China undervalues it's currency making imports expensive and making your exports cheaper by as much as one third. China needs to let their currency float on the world markets like all other great nations allow. It is really a requirement for a nation to lead. Their currency must float.

4. Energy consumption (consuming natural resources at an alarming rate)
Again, this is something the white European/Americans and Japanese have been doing for centuries. Not only did they consume their own they also colonized foreign lands and massacred millions of people for valuable resources in North America, India, IndoChina, Africa, and of course, also China. So why is it such a big deal when it's China's turn to capitalize on the mother Earth's gifts? On the surface, it may seem as if the west is only doing so to look down on China (calling it the world's factory, therefore demanding more resources). However, what's really happening beneath the surface is that the west, especially America and its dog Japan, are already being challenged by China's strong foothold in the oil productions in Africa and central Asia, the metal productions in Brazil, and the soya imports from Argentina, etc...

I have no problem with your energy consumption. Who has a problem with your energy consumption? As far as I know you have no environmental policy. That needs to be changed. I think that you will find an environmental policy is less expensive in the short and long terms.

5. to be continued...

I am waiting.
2005-03-29 02:13

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Reply: Oh brother yet again!

1,yeah that's true,so chill.fussing over something they believe wouldn't bother them may cause health problems.

2,"The entire world has to be concerned with global warming. The US is not doing enough. "
...since you brought up The US
it's consuming 25% of the world sources with 3% of the world population
it's the world's largest  Greenhouse Gases releaser,as well as the very country who didn't sign the KYOTO PROTOCOL (8 years after the protocol was made,it got over 120 countries,the US is still stubborn.)
the biggest polluter not signing the protocol actually delayed the enforcement of the protocol,because the supporting countries only release 43.9% of the world's Greenhouse Gases in total
of course the entire world is concerned,and the US is doing far from enough

"As far as I know China is ignoring the issue completely. "
according to a report by Natural Resources Defense Council of the US in June 2001,China had reduced 17% of released CO2 by 1997 with new technology and the use of clean energy.

3,China said a thousand times that our aim is not to undervalue the currency,but to keep the currency stable.i can still hear the echoes of global praise when China suffered losses by keeping the currency stable when the whole asia was undervaluing their currrency to go through 1997.
we've been practising the same monetary policy all these years,doing the same thing.the Asia that cheered in 1997 when we sacrificed,is now picturing us as moneygrubber.well,since they benefitted from our monetary policy back then,they have to take the consequences now
this will change one day,but this is "an interior affair of a sovereign state",as Bush stated,the decision is in our hands.i'm sorry we are not Iraq.

4,*sighs*,whatever you know,we have...the tragedy of memorizing the "laws and rules" chapter for an exam is still vivid in my mind

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You did not prove the wests aren't criticizing China. In fact, you yourself are

<<As far as I know China is ignoring the issue completely>>
As far as I know, you are completely ignorant.

In a mind-boggling fact, China is cleaner than the USA.

Take a look whose filth here:

Felinity made a good comment there. Read it again and reflect.

<<The west only wants a level trading field with China>>
Manipulating and attacking our currencies that cause severe depreciation is not fair either.

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