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cogito, if you can't accept human body, then there are few things you can accept

Nothing about human body is disgusting.  

Let me tell you what is disgusting.  All types of pollution are disgusting; unethical behaviors are disgusting and being stubbornly racist is disgusting

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daydreamer, you are helpless

logic problem with you, like always.

To have a topic that is fascinating does not exclude the rights of the others to discuss about other topics, right?  So, even if you are fascinated by the "China.... Greatest" topic, people can also talk about sex and sexsual relationship here, isn't it?

Your argument that the "China..Greatest" topic is about FLR.  It is farfetched.  It is hostile towards non-Chinese.  So, even if it cheerish to some people like you, due to its hostile nature, it is not an appropriate topic here.

IDIOT daydreamer, you want to follow cogito, but you don't have his knowledge base.  Poor you.  He appreciate your posts not because they are great posts, because you are one of the very few with him.

As a matter of fact, your posts are of low quality, time wasting and stupid.  Please don't come here anymore.

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Coco大姨妈, I am sick of your hypocrisy.

You are pretending that you are open minded by preaching self- contradictory nonsense wherever you go, babbling that all men are equal, no personal attack or insult... While at the same time you attacked me like crazy.
What's wrong with you auntie coco?!
You are so arrogant that you never accept your obvious failure in the IQ discussion.  Go back to National Average IQ post if you need more lectures. I would not mind bothering to point out  faults in your posts one by one if you need.

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daydreamer, I'm not attacking you

What I stated about you are all FACTS!

You and Cogito are the real loosers on the IQ posts and as the matter of fact, nobody really cares about who wins or who looses on what threads, but you.  

The forum is a place for free talk and for fun, not for wars.  You care so much about winning or loosing and taking sides (always with cogito and against others such as myself, ilunga, and etc., no matter what they say about) makes you unable to discuss rationally and have independent opinions of yourself.

My advice for you is to get rid of your stupid "sides" and be independent!

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Yes. I see you take your side with ilunga=juniorcogito .

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I need some help
I just look in the mirror and see a mass of green.

At a first glance I thought I must been picking my nose and wiping it on my hair in my sleep again but it was a darker shade of green.
I don't want to look. It was as bad as I imagining. A HAT.

How can my girl friend do this to me? I thought she was so happy.

Our life seemed so good. I come home from my work every day. She would cook for us. Then I go out and play cards or mah jong with junior chairman and the other china daily heroes i like to call my red friends. We would drink hunan bai jiu and beer, then play the finger drinking games. So much fun.
My gf didn't seem to mind this. She seem happy for me to go out. Some nights I go straight to sleep but other nights i want some fun with my girlfriend. She should say yes to me. she always does in the end. I think i'm a good man because i only beat her in our home. my friend chairman beats his wife in public, he says it makes him feel like a real man.
anyways, she always seems to enjoy our five minute lovemaking. i really know how to satisfy my girl.
how can she need another man? i can't believe this. and to make matters worse it is a nasty, dirty, barbarian, foreigner. oh i hate foreigners so much now. they all come to china and steal our girls - these girls are all whores.
foreigners are evil, hairy monkeys, only in china for the whores, GRRRRR

GET OUT NOW! All foreigners, you are the work of the devil. You bring nothing to China.

You are far more disgusting than ilunga, who at least is not hypocritical...You don't deserve my arguments anymore. I rest my case.

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I do hold our FLR forum is for discussion of niceness in life like love, friendship and relationships rather than those disgusting, low taste, sex oriented, abnormal posts topics!

Trash as follow should be removed to flee market->

'sperm in you mouth" by cola817,
"I'd like to find a girl for feeling or sex" by leegan
"is it abnormal that your bf/gf wants to having sex with you in front of his/her friend?" by cola817 again
"Need advice about loving a married Chinese woman!" colourwolf

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The mod here is lax on offending posts...

...which is ok - just that we patriots have to be more vigilant...

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