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Do you think gay people are normal people? [Copy link] 中文

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Gays & lesbians are 100% normal. The American Psychiatric Assosication determine

In early 1980, the American Psychiatric Association had revised the definition of psychiatic illness and homosexuality is no longer a psychiatric illness or abnormal.

It is so fashionable in Europe and America to have anal sex with your wife, your girlfriend, It is hype, cool that your girlfriend lets you have anal intercourse.

Thousands of gay and lesbian married this year in downtown city hall, and there is only 1 couple of lesbian filed for divorce !!

You have to look at those who lived together for 30-40 years and NOT the young ones !!

Gays and lesbians couple adopt children and raise a family and they are normal people.

If a man can have anal sex with his girlfriend so what is the big deal with a man to his boyfriend.

Men are sooooooo promisious and on average having more than 30-50 and even over 100 women in their lifetime, are heterosexual men abnormal having different partners??

The answer is there are gays and lesbians, some are promisious and some are loyal couples.

Who are we here to judge them !!

I love Eltron John's songs----Candles in the Winds !!!

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gays may meets the PEOPLE'S rules.
but i do don't think they meet the NATURE rules.
we all come out from nature.

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normal and natural

there are also homos in animals.  It is genetic.

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The real issue is "protection of minority" under the law whether you are straigh

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to gyom2004: you dickhead

If gay people "annoy" you that much, my homophobic compadre, why are you logging onto their forums? and why are you giving advice against meeting them in black rooms, and ending up with an ass the size of a football? are you speaking from experience? are you just a cowardly self-hating homosexual homophobe?

I haven't noticed any gay people disclosing their private lives on this forum, you are the one gyom2004 who's talking about your "ass the size of a football".

What is wrong with homosexuals getting hitched? why does it bother you so much?
"I am sure you will soon ask for marriage between zoophiles and animals. No? What is the difference then?" The difference is homosexuals are human, animals are not, i would have thought this to be pretty obvious, but maybe you weren't paying attention in primary school.

"Ethic is a very imprecise concept which has its sources in religion, nature, belief..." Homosexuality is natural, it occurs naturally in animals too. It occurs in religion, some priests are gay. And it occurs in belief, the majority of people believe that homosexuality is ok.

I really believe you have a problem gyom2004, i think you may be homophobic because you are suppressing your own homosexual inclination.

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Sure it's normal.

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Of course it is normal.  It is just closed minded idiots and some Christians that have this stupid idea that it is wrong.

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