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Do you think gay people are normal people? [Copy link] 中文

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Reply: The real issue is "protection of minority" under the law whether you are

The real issue is "protection of minority" under the law whether you are straight or gay!!

The real issue here is that the Egalitarian are trying to use the law to force there fanatical views that homosexuality is normal or the rest of the population.  
I behavior does not a minority make.

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Reply: to gyom2004: you dickhead

What is wrong with homosexuals getting hitched? why does it bother you so much?
Because it would give credibility to the ant-evolutionary behavior.  It create a lot of problem with them adopting and molesting children.   

I really believe you have a problem gyom2004, i think you may be homophobic because you are suppressing your own homosexual inclination.
Well, I a homophobic.  I hate homosexual because:
- They engage in activity in which they have a lot of direct contact with the fe es of other men.
- They molest children at a high rate.
- They spread decease at a high rate.
- Their decease costs the nation billions of dollars a year.
- They practice their unnatural behavior in public places.
- They attempt their force acceptance of their unnatural behavior on the normal population via the legal system.

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Reply: normal

Of course it is normal. It is just closed minded idiots and some Christians that have this stupid idea that it is wrong.

Wrong. The people that in homosexuality of the closed minded.  They just believe what the TV tells them.  
The Christian bible say nothing about the homosexuality.  It is the jew bible that say homosexuality is a evil and deceased activity.  
I believe of all religions, Christianity is the most accepting of homosexuality.  I think you need to talk with people of other religions.  Just look at the nations where Christianity is not the largest religion.  It is those nation that treat homosexuals they worse.
It is the true believers in nature and science that are the ones that hate homosexuality.

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Reply: Do you think gay people are normal people?

you  have nothing against gays, but why you  can not stand ?
   just because it is not so universal? i think it is not so bad ,maybe many years later ,it is  normal and  popular.we can find ,many new tings ,which can't be approve  first ,always accepted by people at  last .
   of couse ,there are  some exceptions .

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Reply: A true Test of Normal

Common to all species on our wonderful planet, I believe the following defines "normal"

1) Sex between a male and female produce offsprings.

2) The parents then spend most of their time and energy on nuturing, feeding and protecting their offsprings until they are mature enough to continue the cycle by finding partners of their own.

It is pretty simple really.

To investigate whether 'gay' men are normal I suggest sending all of them to a remote island, then returning in 100 years. How many are left will indicate how successful and normal the 'species' really is.

This is a great post.  Notice how he is trying to apply some type of scientific test to understand the problem.  Notice how everybody is just repeating what the have been bold by the tv.

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Reply: Ah, but aussieles

Ask yourself this question "are genetic mutations normal?'

Would evolution be possible without mutations? The key point is that mutations are a normal part of all species. It allows species to change and adapt to new environment, and even create new species altogether. Of course, most mutations do not confer selective advantages, so they come and go naturally.

Whatever we might consider homosexuals to be, they are still human, and they are a product of nature. As such, they are natural, should be tolerated. As long as they pose as no threat to the rest of the society, why not let nature take its course? ^^
Of course mutations are normal.  Some good some bad and other have no effect.  
But homosexuality has a lot of very negative aspects.  If homosexuals became a large percentage of population they would destroy society.  Here are some of the reason they would:
- They would not be producing replacement population.  In the pre-modern society with very high infant mortality rates they would have caused a lot of problems.
- The monetary cost to take care of them as they died from their decease.
- They would make child “marriage” and child molestation legal if they gained enough political power.

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hey u think it's not normal

i saw how u defined about normal and abnormal
dear its allabout gender and social role thats what other people told u when u were little
and it is not correct :)

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