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Do you think gay people are normal people? [Copy link] 中文

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ok whitedevil

here is the reply you asked for:
you call prostitution a lifestyle, implying that it is a choice. what i was trying to convey, is the point that sometimes it is not a choice, often the girls are forced into it. but that isn't usually something that they chat with their customers about, so i can understand your ignorence. something i can't understand however, is how you can link a country's wealth to the quality of it's legal system. what the?
i'm not even gonna bother with a detailed response to your 'homosexuals' reply. all that i will say is that you generalise and have no evidence, and in some cases say the exact opposite to the truth.

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i see

different people have different idea !

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y u r considering them?
do u like 2 b?

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abbasidz, I would tell to you something really BAD, if I could...

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We have hundreds and hundreds of gay and lesbian couples married and only 1 divo

They are more normal than heterosexual, only 1 divorce among the lesbians.

But most of them have been living together for 30 years or more !

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I think it is not in the least important whether you want to call gay people "normal" or not. You are free to regard them as normal or abnormal as you please.

What does matter is that you try to understand them first, and learn to accept them for what they are. And if you refuse to do even that, at the very least, leave them alone to get on with their lives in peace, just as they leave you alone to get on with yours.

People have many differences, and we need to learn to celebrate our differences rather than expect that everyone in society be exactly the same.  Obviously, I mean, as long as no one is injured by someone's beliefs or practices.

Isn't it strange, how straight people seem to think that they know more about gay people than gay people do about themselves? Do you believe that others understand you better than you understand yourself?

As Stephen Covey says in his well-known book, "The seven habits of highly effective people",

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

We see in general that women are much more easily able to accept gay people. The real haters are mostly men. And why is that? Because women feel less threatened in the presence of gay men. They have less to fear about getting raped, so they can just be themselves. Some men, on the other hand, feel threatened in the presence of gay men. Somehow they seem to assume that every gay man is waiting to pounce on them. That feeling is expressed as hatred. These haters don't seem to realize that gay people have tastes too, and that they don't "pounce" on men or hit on any man they see, just as most straight men don't "pounce" on women or hit on any woman they see.

Comments like the following are completely illogical, and only show the rabid intolerance and mindlessness of some haters:

Don't be surprised when homosexual Westerns start appearing in China and paying poor impoverished little boys to “make love”.  

Homosexuality should be outlawed.

Well, what about heterosexual Westerners appearing in China and paying poor impoverished little girls to "make love"?
Isn't that happening everywhere already? Haven't you seen, with your own eyes, pretty young Chinese girls walking around the streets arm in arm with fat, old, bald, completely unattractive "straight" Westerners, men whom no white woman would take a second look at? So, what makes heterosexuality any better? Should heterosexuality be outlawed?  

What is the general ratio of heterosexuals to homosexuals in society? 95:5?

So, for every 5 such homosexuals that you are terrified will "make love with impoverished boys" in China, you already have 95 heterosexuals "making love with impoverished girls" in China on an average. You can see it with your own damn eyes, unless you are completely blind.

Which problem is worse? The one you imagine, or the one that already exists in a much much larger quantity?

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