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China is THE GREATEST COUNTRY in the world, and here is why [Copy link] 中文

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barz... don't worry, take it easy

Maybe you are new here.  Some of the participants are quite extreme and irrational, I have to say.

I understand that some stupid people will ask questions like the one you were asked in the hospital.  It is like asking "what is the best food in the world?".  Some would say "Chinese food", some say "Japanese food", some say "Italian food". .... nobody is right and nobody is wrong.  It is very personal and even someone prefers Chinese food in general would have to admit that he prefers some Japanese dishes over some of the Chinese dishes.  Right?

It is very extreme to say that a nation is the smartest in the world, smarter than all other nations.

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Daydreamer, every one of your new post puts a new minus sign to your IQ

First of all, you are never tired of picking on typos and gramma, but you made terrible mistakes on logics, and the best evidence is that your this post should be posted in the thread of "national average IQ..."

Anyways, forgiving your mistake and let's continue.

The standard IQ testing methodology is questionable and it is not comparable to cancer treatment.  why?  Because your logic on IQ is that "the current IQ testing method is questionable, however it is the best one so far, so we accept it and we make the conclusion that the results shows certain nations are cleverer than the others and we take as as the fact"; while in cancer treatment, doctors say "this is the best treatment so far, but there are recognized risks"; doctors won't say "this is THE TREATMENT".

It is great that you love your country.  However, loving one thing does not mean you can blindly lift up its situations while diminishing that of its peers.  Every mother loves her son, even if her son is a criminal without ethics, the mother's screaming that "my son is the best person in the world" is very vulnerable.  I'm not comparing China to a criminal in this example.  My example compares your claim that "China is the greatest..... in the world, China, China China" to the blind mothers irrational cry.   

My opinion is that it is hard to say which country is the best, better than another country, and there is no standard criteria to evaluate whether a country is great or not.  

If being greatest means a country has the strongest military power, then China isn't the greatest in the world.  If being greatest means oldest, China is old, but may not be the oldest as there are new archeology discoveries every day.  If being the greatest means being the most populous, China is the greatest for the moment, but India may bypass China in a few years and China is making every efforts to be less great in this sense.  If being greatest means having the largest territory, China isn't the greatest.  You see, without prevailing criteria, it is completely idiotic to argue that China is the greatest country in the world.  The statement is naive, irrational and nationalist.

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gramma -> grammar
your this post --> this post of yours
there is no standard criteria  -->  there are no standard criteria
every one of your new post --> every one of your new posts
cancer treatment --> cancer treatments
you can blindly lift up its grades while diminishing that of its peers --> you can blindly lift up its CAPACITIES while diminishing THOSE of its peers

Coco, I suggest you use translation software with more credibility!  I am tired of teaching you lessons because you never learn^o^

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Auntie Coco, you need to take some ataractic.

However, loving one thing does not mean you can blindly lift up its situations while diminishing that of its peers.
Come on, coco! Did I ever say a word that other countries are inferior? I am sick of your hypocrisy.

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Coco is so sad that he only knows how to shout slogans.

You said all men are equal? What crap is that! If all men are equal, then there would be no evolution. Without evolution how can there be man? Men are created unequal so as to have natural selection. You always make self-contradictory allegations. I seriously suggest you learning some philosophy in addition to English.

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Auntie coco, you seriously need more

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I know that,where have you been to make this statement, WALLY ???

how can a Chinese that has probably not left China, make a statement like that,
When you have lived in:
South Africa
then you have a little idea which might be the best place to reside in this world.
would suggest until you know what you are saying,
Keep Quiet,
China is the best country to live,I know this,
But "how the hell do you Know that"

Big Mouth.

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