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China is THE GREATEST COUNTRY in the world, and here is why [Copy link] 中文

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couldnt agree more

'Rage lies just below the surface in China - a rage that breaks out in daily unreported incidents as disaffected citizens forcibly complain about their lot.

Couldn't agree more. I have seen a few quarrels during my time in crowded SZ, and its fair to say none of them were civil or ended in a nice way. I am not saying physical violence was involved, but raised voices and heated body language seems to be the order of the day. A peace loving people??? HMMMMM????

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Daily English 101 for the "highly educated" fioretta

Out on your butt without a job and without a date, loser?

Time for you to work on your lousy grammar.

Homework assignment: check your sentences below for grammatical screw-ups.

"right, personally attacks"

"My dad is one of the greatest dad in the world and I wonder where have all the men like my dad gone?"

" So that some people who haven't read my other posts in other thread could have a better idea of what I think of people like you" (???)

"Don't worry about my job or english gramma, take care of your own"


(BTW, grammar is not your grandma or "gramma", just like dogma is not your dog's mom which is you!! Quit showing off your dirty laundry all over the CD board - I mean who cares??? get a job, and GET LAID, loser!!  and last but not least, get an education!!!)

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cogito ? daydreamer66?

I was about to say that daydreamer66 claimed that cogito is a MEN.  daydreamer66 edited his post and almost simultaneously cogito repeated one of his lousy posts.  So at least, they don't take turns, they are here simultaneously, if they are not the same author.

Anyways, for your information, cogito, grammar is no better than gramma, whatever the dictionary says.  the correct way to say is grammatica, as English has a latin root, grammar is a distort of grammatica, by the English / American people to suit their pronounceation.  

Don't scewup as you said.  My dirty laundries are not for you to care while your mouth full of **** is a pollution to the forum.

who cares and who knows if cogito is a man or a woman?  who are the pro-china forumites and who are cogito's foes?  is anyone apart from daydreamer so sure that cogito is a MEN?

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chinese culture

Dear Cognito,
You say China is impervious to foreign influences. You are utterly wrong there. We Chinese are expert at learning from advanced foregn civilization such as Budhist cultures. The influence of Budhism on Chinese civlization are beyong estimation.  After absorbing western  civilization sinocivilization will be rejuvenated and prosper and gain eternal glory. You wait and see.
As  for Koreans, Vietnamese and Japanese, I think Koreans and Vietnamese are in fact CHINESE themselves. Korea used to be part of China during Han dynasty and Vietnam was China before the end of Tang Dynasty for a thousand year. Japanese civilization is only a modified Chinese civilization.
Do you agree?

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Reply: cogito ? daydreamer66?


I was talking to selrahc, not you Fio La Ta :)

Why do you care so much if daydreamer66 has made a spelling mistake or not?:) Look at yourself, you are not as “highly educated” as you claimed, lady. You shall feel bad of yourself. You have made so many terrible mistakes. Do you feel better by maniacally attacking daydreamer66? It does not do any harm to me though, nor does it change the fact that you are illiterate, lady! :)


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you sound over aggressive

Vive la Republique Populair de   Chine!
Do you think it is glorious to conquer the world with army?
No. If you follow in USA''s steps, the whole world  will hate you. China has a long way to go before become a first-class country. Don't sound so elated. Don't rejoice so soon. Have you been to the countriside in the hinterland.  If you had you wouldn't have been so optimistic. Corruption, uneven distribution of wealth, extreme poverty, illiteracy,ignorance,aids, social injustice, desertification, and so  on, we have to remove the big stones on the way to bright future. Why see the world through rose-tinted spectacles?

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If you don't know what China has contributed to world, you show your utter ignorance. Have you read Joseph Lee's The History of Chinese Science and Technology? The book will tell you. Have you heard of the Four Great Inventions? Have you heard of the imperial examination system after which British people shaped their own civilian official system? Have you heard of Zheng Ho who navigated half across the world long before Columbous? As Marx put it, Chinese gunpower was spread to Europe and blasted the Knight class to pieces. Is that a contribution to the progress of Europe? And Many more.

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