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My personal attitude towards Taiwan Issue and its final solution!!! [Copy link] 中文

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I can't tolerate any longer and have to say something about the the grand unification of Taiwan. Taiwan people are now led astray by generations of leadership, especially by the former Li Denghui Administration and Chen Shuibian's present administration. Mayby some of the independence ideology has been deep-rooted in their mind, or maybe they have harbored a strong hatrade toward the mainland for some reasons or others. But they ignore such a well-established philosophy that no matter how long the separation lasts, the father and the son should get together for in-phase development as a single power in the world.
As for the last resort to settle Taiwan issue, i'd like to air my opinion. If mainland is not driven to the edge of the dilemma, it can not resort to arms for the fiinal solution. It follows that the Chinese government has adequate patience and at the same time it demonstrates that it still lacks adequate capability, or the issue can be solved earlier, leaving no space for any kind of Taiwan's independence.
I strongly support the immediate solution of the Taiwan Issue by all means, the sooner, the better. We will try our utmost to smash any of the dreams of independence-seekers.
War can speak volumes for the solution, which is my attitude toward Taiwan issue.

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makes sense!

I believe soon there will be tons of pple here to sass you back!
Don't worry! I will be here to back you up!
Good point! I believe in peaceful reuinfication,but if Ah Bian doesn't accept this,war talks!

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Unification of Taiwan ala Hong Kong style, peacefully, is best.

Of course we always want peaceful unification instead of war. We don't want Taiwan's economy to go bust.

The anti-secession law makes it transparent now. The law guarantees peace even for the existing situation, i.e. status quo.  However, if Chen SB makes a crazy move to cross the bottomline, we the Chinese people will use non-peaceful means if that become necessary.

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At last, hope for China.

Thank god for delivering talented people such as all off you to China.

Looking from space, I can see most people in China were lost in
the Taiwan-government's smoke, but you guys have revived my hope
again, because you can see through their rhetoric and propaganda.

Let me just add an analogy. If the governor of Hawaii take gold from
the US and decided to breakoff from the US mainland, I bet it would
not take the US 50 years to bring the governor to justice.

Keep up the good work, and don't understimate the criminals, for
you will be the heroes in China history

God will be with you,

Forest Servant

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Yes yes forestservant.......i say buy share in China shipbuilding companies!!!!!

Time to buy shares in naval dockyards. Both side of the Taiwan straits, they'll have lots and lots of orders soon for cruisers, frigates, air craft carriers, support vessels, submarines.

Taiwan can spend up to US$30 - 50 billion in 10 years time while China would spend double that in the same period!

This is good tips for all you stock market punters!


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I agree entirely and support you!

Your point makes me feel renewed hope that the solution is coming...

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Hey Forest Servant

You are a funny guy!!!!! You have no idea on who is actually getting lost in the Govt smoke flashdance.

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