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The high-incomeing man how to look for a gf in big city??? [Copy link] 中文

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I think this thing also happen in high incoming girls

I am glad to meet the friend who sent message to me ,i will post your article(this topic) for sharing with all of us !!!and you can communicate actively with the comer!!! I think her english is very good ,do you think so ???do not be shamed ,you should speak out with enough confidence !!!thanks!!!
I am a new comer here. So nice to find this interesting place to share our colorful life.

I think this thing also happen in high incoming girls. In this modern society, we pay more attention to our safe life, and won't trust the stranger easily. One of my friend who have lived in Shenzhen for two years, don't know who is her neighbors... we find it troublesome to cross our own street and meet our neighbors now, because we are afraid to be hurted by the strangers. We have conquered the outer space but not our inter space. So we lost many chances to meet the people we don’t know. I also work in Shenzhen, and I believe that most of the girls who have high income here work in office almost all day, even have a travel to other place is for business. The people we meet is limited. Yes…You can see the people rush for work everyday. They are talent and independence!

:-) sorry for my poor english expression...

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Must be a good topic

Me 2, new here, nice to find a good place to relate and exchange ideas.
Thanks to knight for setting such a good topic, it's really worth disscussion for a year, LOL
I rather be straight, hope won't go too far.  I find nowadays people really like to engage in retrospection, and try to understand themselves so hard,  that a significant sign of being a mature being.  But I am afraid even we can thoroughly understand the meaning of the life, it won't help you to make a difference to the current situation.  OK, what I want to suggest is to take action, .
As u know nowadays the girls with high incoming are having the same problem, so why not just say hi and ask if like to have a dinner together, believe that girls must be as mature as you, they will take it no more than a friendly invitation, but maybe a good begining in the future of you both, why not have a try?  
Life is limit,  I wonder if you only like appreciating the stars in the sky.   don't count the cost too much and worry too much for the future, it depends on the god.

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A common girl's opinion!

What kind of boys or girls you are found of , i think this is a very common question for everyone, not only for  those "white collar" !
But why so many  white collars are still single, in my opinion,the problem is on theirselves! As we know, white collars enjoy the up-class lives. Sometimes, their high salary, high position and other material advantages often make them think themselves different from common people,so  "naturely"  they  set up  many high standards for their future bf or gf !for example, a white collar man maybe imagine that one day a beautiful girl who has the same up-class  taste with him ,will fall in love with him(80% a white collar girl).  but for such a "wonderful' girl, with beautiful face and good taste, her standards for her bf must be high too, even higher ! So . . .    !! I don't mean all the white collars have the same problem or high standards , but many of them do !
In a conclusion, when our  white collars begin to think about what kind of boys or girls they will love,i hope  they  think about their  lovers'  "characters"frist, without  taking the "material " conditions into account ,because these points only  bring  more  puzzles! Just think youself are a member of common ones!
My english is just so so , i don't know if i make myself clear ~~
Good luck for my single friends !!  
yours, Dinah

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agree with you

To knight---i find this forum finally. Thank you for posted my leaving words.

To Dinah---I am agree with you!!!

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this is shenzhenren's post

Of course you can post my message, I have told you that I am a new comer here, I don’t know how to post the message at the first time; and now one more question is how to find that column again??? I am so sorry:-(

I am a product development assistant in a trading company, this position more like a purchaser some times. You’re right I am a white collar, and you also can say I am a pretty white collar even I haven’t earn high incoming. My friends agree at it without my permission:-)

A man who have high incoming would more like to marry a lady whose incoming lower than him, or she is not better than him if I can say, otherwise he will feel pressure. Even though some people will not agree with it, this phenomena still can be found easily in china.

We are a common man/woman, but we always looking for the Mr / Ms. Perfect, Special for white collar. That is also one of the reason, I think.

Nowadays, not only man but also woman have adopted high education before they go to work, they all talented and excellent in they job.

By the way, I have heard that the rate of male and female in Shenzhen is 1:7. That mean young man must have more chances to find their Ms. Perfect than young girl!!!

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welcome all of you !!!

Hi, nice to meet you in my topic, i even read your post in other topic . thank you for your encourage and i will go on trying my best to communicate with all of you and share my work and said “I rather be straight”,it is very welcomed i think .as you know ,as a girl who can speak real words is very few in the modern society  .but what you said maybe you get me wrong ,i only ask if you are a high incoming girl ,how to seek for your bf or husband???i think it is more difficult than inviting a handsome boy ,in addition ,how to look for the boy ???do you know my real meaning ???it is difficult , just like what you said, we can discuss this topic the whole year!!!happy !!!RE dinah,nice to meet you again, your opinions is right but this question is difficult for those white collar ,do you think so ???they are excellent being   thought not only by themselves but also by others , and they are most older  and not hand some ,so i think it is difficult . pls be confident for your english ,i think your english must be better than me , what is your job ??? RE,shenzhenren ,welcome to here . lets go on to communicate but not agree with others ,ok???hahaha !!!only you speak out or write can improve yourself !!!let’s do !!!

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Must think over and over for your choice

Nice to meet you knight, I love this topic and I’m in Beijing now. My English is poor so I’m not sure you can understand me but I will  try my best.
You ask me if I were a man how I would do? I think if I were a man ,and a high-incoming man, the money must not be my first priority, whether the income of girls is high or low is not very important, only a standy work she have is ok. Her character, temper, interesting, something like real quality of her would been my first thinking about. Actually the rule suit everyone, but you can seeking without so many pressure of money when you have enough, the process will be simpler than that of low-incoming man, do you think?
I had said weather beautiful or not was not important at all, maybe a not beautiful girl in others’ eyes is the most beautiful in your eye. Standards of beauty are different with different people. I don’t very care about it, of course, he must looks , how to say, comfortable and warm, do you know what I mean? At least the first step is that you won’t have bad taste in your mind, and the story will go on then. I wish I can tell more, but so sorry I’m off duty now, long for you reply, thanks.

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