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sure it is, but generally speaking, it depends

keeping an ambiguous relationship with a colleague is a kind of torture?
firstly, if he has a spouse, this relationship is surely dangerous and harmful to the girl involved.
secondly, if he has no gf or wife, maybe this is only a different way of expressing love. why not be frank and tell him you have a crush on him?

but ususally, collegue relationship has a bleak future. (jfyi)

My question:
have you ever encountered cyber romance?
what do you think of it?

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re :

i have never encountered cyber romance,but one of my roommates do encountered.his gf now was his network friends before,even they are far from each other,but they develop well,and they both met their parents,maybe marry one or two years later.but it seem that i have not so much time to pursue a girl not real,just waste time.but if chances given to me,i will try,hehe.

My question:a new graduated student and a worker(graduated for 2 or 3 years student) worked for 2 or 3  years,which one can find a new job easier?

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what a weird question!:D

a green graduate or a veteran worker, who is more competetive in the job market?
surely the veteran worker who needs no more similar  training is the emplyer's favor.
but there is no absolute law in the world, if the newly graduated students have a good command of his or her specialty, with somewhat cooperative ability, he or she is to be employed as well by those companies which stresses enterprising spirits.
in one word, it depends

my Question.
who influenced you most during your growth?

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re:who influenced you most during your growth?

when i was young ,my parents do influence me much,i didn't understood that when i was young,but now,i can

feel their painstaking,they teached me to study hard to strive for a better life,i will always respect

them.when i was in the elementary middle school,my class master also influenced me very much,i have left

that school for more than 8years,but my master and i keep in touch all the time,i feel i can get force from  

him,hitherto,these three inflounced me most.
MY question:do you often phone your parents even you are independent ,or when you are far from home?

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Call parents or not when parted from them

do you often phone your parents even you are independent ,or when you are far from home?
surely i often call  my parents now and then when i am out of their sight esp for a long time due to the study life in a different city.
parental love is the most selfless in the world and the passion to parents grows as the time goes on . maybe the farther i am from the parents in distance, the more strongly i become attached to them at heart.
have u ever heard of such a famous quote:
family = father and mother i love you.
the very time i read such writing, i find my eyes were wet and i phoned parents soon then.
i would feel nice and more comfortable after i phone home and know everything goes well with my beloved parents.

My question:
How do you do with the stress from your career or study or your family life?

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It's difficult to answer. sometimes i 'm at a loss with my vocation which  i never majored in , it lacks special  theoretics . what's worse , i find i'm not interest in it at all, but still not will to desert . it's the stress from social that i'm  facing, nothing could be done except accepting, and remember to enjoy everyday.

my question;
where to search my happiness if i don't know where i had it lost?

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re:where to search my happiness if i don't know where i had it lost?

there is no things called happiness,it is a feeling,there are lots of things can start you the feeling of

happiness,not one thing,like meet one old friend,marry,work success and so on,of course you had happiness

things before,i want to say you needn't try to find it,you can search new things that make you

happy,look forward,don't look back sometimes.
    really sometimes,you feel unhappy,that is not because you lost your happiness,if is you don't find your

happiness now,don't just think about the old golden days,face the reality,i said so much.
MY question:what is your support to study or work hard?

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