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Great observation ..But....

I think the difference between HK and Shanghai -- from all the economic perspective will change a great deal when and where the RMB become a freely conerted currency.  

I have enjoyed the many comparison you have put in this article between HK and Shanghai.

I think by in large, most foreign firms would still put their funds into HK due to the free conversion and "dipping" their toes into China for the time being.  But that time will come to see Shanghai to boom.

In my own case, the Pearl River Delta region is of great importance as in the Southern region of China.  But Shanghai and in that region will gain greater prominence -- for internal China market --- with the infrastructure of the universities--- and yes, Shanghai people can lead in the domestic side of marketing -- or product lunch. Where Shenzhen will continue to hub all of the Chinese provinces to want to have external market access and technologies -- Plus the living standard in that region of Shenzhen, Zuhai...remains to be far less expensive than the greater Shanghai.

I love to hear more from you --- more so when I am also from the Midwest -- Wisconsin , just a couple of hours from Chicago :)  Take care

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Recommend: Shanghai Reality

Bussiness as my profession I see Shanghai overtaking HK, its getting expensive to manufacture in the Guangdong Province so may of HK investors are moving  operattions Shanghai.

I see HK being more and more a tourist area and Shanghai the business capitol.

Just My opinion

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Re:Shanghai and Hong Kong are different

Haven't got enough time to read your supersized msg right now, but after reading the first couple of paragraphs, kinda get the idea! Firstly, just want to say that shanghai and Hong Kong are so different from each other,  developed through different pathways, you cant just compare the two like that! Secondly, westernized stuff may not necessarily be good, cant stand it why ppl use it to describe a non-western developing country. The number of foreigners live in Shanghai is also not a valid reazon to judge the city!!!!

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A good article,but from a Shanghailander's view,it.........

I have read your post serious-mindedly. I agree with you on some views ,but i just feel strange why you put some many time on the comparisons between Hangkang and Shanghai,like you have said,these two cities are "twins",but  here the words "twins" have more meanings than just one city copying another successful road in the process of  developing.No one or city in the world is absolutely similar!And i believe in the first place ,the city of Shanghai is the city of her motherland-China.We,Shanghailanders have been  struggling for China's prosperty always and forever,not for the other's need and expectation.

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Internationalization Doesn't Necesarily Mean Weternization!

Hello,I am Stone,from Hunan ,central-southern China.
It's really good for U to make such a comparison!
But it seems that you regard Modernization&Internationalization as weternization.  
It's true that now China has to learn much from the western developed countries,but it doesn't mean  to copy what they've done.  
We must cherish our good traditions while abandon the outdated ones.

Do you agree with me??

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Modernization not Westernization

您好 Stone,

Good comment, I think you're absolutely right. While of course China is keen to modernise and open up to international influences, you've got to be careful not to simply copy western nations like the U.S.

With all of the development that's going on China's cities are looking increasingly  like many Western cities, often with very little soul or sense of community within them. The big apartment blocks tend to isolate people in their own little box without much contact with their neighbours and the heart of the city tends to be filled with cold, souless shopping malls.

Modernise; but make sure it's in the direction that you want to go in.

What does everyone else think?


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