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Shanghai will overtake Hong Kong as the premier city of CHINA and more........

Hong Kong was bulit under the British rule for almosts a century and there is no more land to develop and if you are an economist then you understand the marginal deminished return of economics of scale in Hong Kong.

Hong kong is full of Phillpines, Thais, Indonesia maids, and crime is so high in Hong Kong. HK is so congested and very expensive to live. I do agree with you the weather in HK may not be so cold but I live in a city much further north than Chicago and Chicago is famous for "Windy City".

Would you like to live in downtown slum area of Chicago ? Hell No

Hong Kong is a slum, go to the Aberdeen and other older part of the city of HK and see for yourself. Of course in the financial district, HK is No.1 but it is a show for you, superficial businessman to make judgement. I have lived there for a long times and I returned back three times and every time is worse than the last one over 30 years period. I hate Hong Kong. People in Hong Kong demonstrates for everything, a cry baby for democracy. See what kind of democracy in USA when compared with HK. Shanghai is a true Chinese city with real Chinese and real people. Who cares about westerners and foreigners ? Who cares. Life goes on, we don't need foreigners, for what, for them to take away our beautiful Chinese and use money to rape our women in the dark alley in Shanghai and in the bars.

You must not been to the bar district at night in Shanghai. There are hundreds of foreigners coming out at night and looking for Chinese girls for sex. Wake up and come to grip with the reality of openness and do not write so long.

In my company, one page memo is the standard communication you are allowed.

e-mails are for a few words and the most salient points are written. No one care about your long, boring article. It you write like this in your company back in Chicago, YOU ARE FIRED !!!!!!!!

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to selrahc

what  a  post
hehe  i  m  just  amused  by  ur  words  about    shanghais  beauties  are  paid  to  be    raped
i  ever   work  parttime  in  a  bar  on  hengshan  road  .and  did  see  many  of  the  foreigners   there  hunting  the  beauties .but  most  of  the  time  its  our  chinese  girls  struck  the  conversation  first ,which   most  hurt  my  pride  as  a  chinese .anyway  if  not  the  foreigners  they  will  still  offer   the  same  service . but  i  do  pity  the  those  whose  eyes  turn  bright  at  the  sight  of  the  foreigners .

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too long

i  only  read  the  first  part  of  the  ariticle  ,  it s   really   informative  ,i  get  from  it  the  shanghai  city  in  a  foreigner"s   view  .  and  some  of  the  ideas  are  very  impressive  such  as  the  income  disparity .once  i  accompanied  a  US  guy  shoping  in  Ganghui  plaza  ,i  remember  he  exclaiming  "o  its  so  cheap  all  the  way "  .but  his  apartment  rent  charges  even  more  than  in  the  USA .so  i  think  shanghai  is  still  far  from  being  an  international  city  as  long  as  there  are  still   so  many  low  income  people .

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I can not agree you any more

Modernization is what chinese want.  Westernization is and just is present tense.

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I thought Beijing was Chinas premier city

I am an Australian considering visiting China for the first time later on this year, and so i have been reading the chinadaily for a while.
While occaisionally bull-headed and subjective, i find the vast majority positive and informative.
The only point in this article i would discuss is ted/claires justification of the lack of central or other heating in public and private buildings. Saying this is Chinas' tactic for dealing with an energy crisis is like saying famine is Zimbabwes way of dealing with a food shortage. Nevertheless, I'll be sure to buy a nice warm coat when I visit.

In response to the garbage spewed by 'selrahc',

If i can puzzle out any meaning from his patchy rant, it's that peole in hk only go to work for 'superficial' reasons, or to personally aggravate him.
He'd have you believe that hk has things of little means called 'poor people', apparenty unknown in the rest of the world. He'd make you think (if you could understand him) that Filipinos, Indonesians and the Thai are all criminals, while he is a stand-up citizen. He fails to link prostitution with sex for money, and, lastly, he doesn't have the cognitive faculty to differentiate between a public forum, and his job as a bean-counter. Oh, and he thinks that the premier city of China is Hong Kong.

To Charles, I would say that you seem as backwards as you spell your name, and, if you don't want prostitutes to have sex for money, then i suggest you find your family a new vocation. Also, your memos at work are limited to a page because no-one wants to listen to or read your xenophobic rants. You sure have the ignorant redneck side of westernization down.

To Leo_xzh, Id say that twins start out congruent, or the same, but may become different, and so i think the analogy is a fair one. I think you may be referring to the phrase 'sister cities', where two widely different cities develop a social agreement.

Lastly, as a 'Westerner', I also disfavour the use of the term 'Westernization'. When real people talk about civilisation in other countries, it is done so in real terms. 'Westernization' is a word used by pompous Europaen and US anchorpeople and travel show hosts. When I hear the term westernization, i start looking for the cowboys.

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You get it.

Maybe the interest of learning a language comes from diversive embarrasing joks resulting from misunderstandings,by which  
you try to blend in .

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shanghai is a beautiful city

I have gone to shanghai three times and stay in there about 60 days.
I feel shanghai is a civilized city and international city .

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