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Taiwan must read the writing on the wall. [Copy link] 中文

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Taiwan must read the writing on the wall and begin planning for its new future.

The USA is already overextended in the middle east.  We have Israel, Iraq, and now new problems in Syria and Iran.  All of these places will require posting of US troops for the long term.  America may have to fight Russia for control of the Caspian Sea oil reserves too, but the men who will fight that war are only battling with snowballs today.  Still, there's an increased attention to teamwork and manuvering than in years past, even at the elementary school playground.

America is getting out of China's sphere.  Last year George Bush transferred troops out of South Korea and into Iraq, even as North Korea was expanding its nuclear program.  That was a clear green light for the DPRK to make a nuclear bomb.  Today it is clear that America wants Taiwan to join the PRC officially and allow its old ally, the USA, to focus on its oil wars in the middle east.  The DPRK will continue to be a thorn in the side of peace until Taiwan is reunited with its country.

We were happy to be allied with the great people of Taiwan when the forces of communist totalitarianism sought to enslave not just the free people on a small island, but people the world over.  We take solace in the knowledge that our work together for peace did prevent the tragedy of war that befell so many in places with names like Souel, Diem Bien Phu, the Bay of Pigs, DaNang, Kuwait City, and Fallujah.  In parting, we say not as the French, "au reviore," "we'll see you again," but in the American tradition, "Good luck, and good-bye."

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I don't think so....

Not yet at least....

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foxes giving up? mmmmmmm

I am just wondering?

North Korea, a nuclear power with their poverty?


Yoda thinks deeply!

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Taiwan politicians are selfish.

These crooks are very selfish but shrewd.  They want to hang on to power until the last day.

Look at the behavior of the KMT when they were on the mainland.  They evacuated from mainland with the help of British and Americans on the last days, by ship from Shanghai to Taiwan.  They hanged on until the last.

Taiwan politicians will probably continue to hang on until the last day. However, they are also very shrewd. Decads ago many of them already sent  their families and money to Amerika. They know they wouldn't last on Taiwan but they want to hang on till the last day to maximize their profits as rulers of the people.

In the next few years as China's military gets stronger in air power and naval capabilities, Amerika will most likely re-interpret the "Taiwan Relations Act" so that if war does break out, they wouldn't be compelled to defend Taiwan by force. Albeit, they'll defend by lips and will let the Taiwan politicians run to Amerika as refugees (many of them already have immigrant visas as a contigency).

By hanging on till the last day, Taiwan politicians are acting in a very selfish manner.  When the last day comes, negotiation is either too late or at a great disadvantage.  They will have no bargaining chips on hand to negotiate.

Chinese in Taiwan should pressure their politicians to start the negotiation process soon, the sooner the better.  While they still have some bargaining chips, now is the best time to negotiate.  Right now the terms of negotiation are very easy and generous. Mainland's basic condition is that Taiwan politicians recognize that there is only one China. This is a ground rule or framework, the basis upon which the process of making offers and counter-offers will follow..

Okay, hang on until the last day, and if Uncle Sam is not going to fight the war for you, what are you politicians going to do?

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