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Please help me [Copy link] 中文

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my last comments on this topic

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Scurrying off again, yeah canadian45??

I would like to remind you that deviating with nonsense isn't going to make your stupidity go away.

Read the original sentence which I quote below:-

"I had had some ____in school ,so my parents DECIDED TO LET ME WORK full-time with my dad."

and then read your deviating nonsense:-

"MY parents DECIDED TO LET......' indicates that the student DID NOT HAVE TO leave school ......."

Now ask yourself, which was it, "did my parents decide to let me LEAVE SCHOOL" or "did my parents decide to let me WORK .....with my dad"?

For your information, the decision to leave school was due to the PROBLEMS being faced whilst in school, and these "problems" as I have indicated previously, can be many which may include difficulty in learning, difficulty getting along with other students, transportation problems, financial problems ( for tuition fees, food, books, uniforms, accomodations, etc.), etc., etc.,...

Re: "(maybe some other people need a course in grammar. their english may not be as perfect as they think it is.)"

You are dead right here, that idiot who claims to be a "mostly canadian native english speaker" surely needs that course in grammar. To begin with, he or she can start off by learning to use capital letters to begin sentences and to write "english" with a capital "E"!

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why is checkpoint tolerated on this site??

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Ha ha ha, I am indeed getting on your nerves, ain't I, oh "mostly canadian"?

Re: "his faults are too numerous to be easily listed but one of his major faults is that he makes patently false statements and assumptions."

"Faults", "major faults", "false statements and assumptions", really?? Ha ha ha........Just a reminder that any IDIOT can say that and/or concoct any other nonsense to divert attention from his/her own incompetence/idiocy and/or to please himself/herself and, OF COURSE, is UNABLE to prove it with facts!
If you have PROOF to PROVE your accusations about my "faults", come up with it, point out my "faults" factually, prove to everybody here your "native English speaker's" hegemony over the the English language, ...........or just admit your STUPIDITY by keeping MUM, or if you prefer, hide under your MUM's skirt!

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Trouble with trouble?

I had had some ____ in school, so my parents decided to let me work full-time with my dad.

In the US, school is mandatory.  Students don't have any choice about it.  Parents don't have any choice about it.  The only way out is to drop out after age 16, or to be expelled by the school for bad behavior.

The sentence says that the parents had a decision.  The student is healthy enough to work or go to school.  The student is young enough for school and still too immature to work without the supervision of a parent.  The father is an employer or is self-employed and has the option of hiring whoever he likes.

In most cases, it is not legal to employ persons under 16 full time.  It's most likely that the ex-student is somewhere between 16 and 18.

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The PROBLEM lies with those.....

....who take China for America! For your information, the question on this thread was posted by a Chinese person in China, living in a Chinese environment. In China, it is commonplace for youngsters to work FULL-TIME as apprentices to their parents especially those who have a trade or own a business. In America, to my knowledge, it is commonplace to throw children out of the house when they reach the age of 18 which is not the case in China. So please don't confuse American values with those of China.

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