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HOW do you think of Chinese marriage crisis for the exposure of " Er Nai"" adop [Copy link] 中文

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do you think it is kinda of welfar for rich people to raise a " Girl" , a Littel woman out of his family circle but  help her out of poverty and give her the feeling of farmth and acceptance in an illegitimate house somewhere.....

Do you think getting a Er Nan is something connective to moral standard or a project to rescue some poor conitioned girls have a life like a flower who would spend their beautiful time with successful men she nested with

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yeah..... a sense of honeymoon

but do you think honey moon only served for identified couples..

or lovers

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Er Nai?????????? Back to History

Second wife, third and fourth etc

I had expected this would come to the society once wealth is increased. However, have you patriachs ever thought that it is also a wealth reduction method to commence er nai having quarrels with da nai and their children joining in. Have a small family and have the wealth intact. The bigger the family the worse the financial planning of the family becomes, of course if the small head is more important than the big head go see a shrink or get a plastic doll, but for heaven's sake do not think that having more than one wife will solve all your problems.

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hehe. quoted. Pragmatic Americans accept Clinton's flaw

Pulbic resp[onse to the controversies surrounding President Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and Keneth Starr puts a focus on America social values.

     it reveals a society willing to accept flaws in politicial leaders just as it accepts them in movie and sports stars and, experts say, in themselvesves.
Human nature is not more fallen or  more elevated today than it was 100 yrs ago. we just know more about it. we baby boomers tend toward a kind of public exhibitionism( luo lu kuang"

forget what Clinton had or has not done.  What friend hasn't had a confessional talk of an affair or an attraction?

" America has always been characterized by its pragmatism. there is an emphasis in protestantism

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I can't accept my uncle's relationship with his extra lover ......

It become worse when  his affair lover flaot to the public and glue together at different occation.  and Each of them visited the familys,and welcomed as guest in the way they feel they could be successful for continuity of their relationships.

everythin provoke in to an unexpected way when both players come back home to celebrate spring festival and the story angry lots of people.

and the father of my uncle come to the girl's home, talking to her family, the gril was scary that she phoned my uncle to see her and both two players drove the cars to the city and spend days and night in the hotel to wait thing cool .

but it is not a easy thing, parents of my uncle are old and they get involved and so heartbroken....

so then the son and the parents cried together for his wrong thing,but that is not such a solution my uncle can help out....

what a bad thing to let a strong man cry.

might be  he loved her so much.

but the parents of my uncle can give up and let him to be with that girl who is suspicious of (kidney...) illness.....

and the wife of my uncle haven;t done any thing wrong and beard too kids for the family in name of Ruan..


anything story is that a town girl who earn lots of money from shenzhen, and back homw to build a nice house.......someone said she was given money when spending time with boss.

so i think. poverty could be some way to force girl to live on man with money

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I asked my wife if I could marry 6 other girls but she said no................

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underestimate the importance of a woman to a man.

it's more than yin and yang.

in some cases, it's not that the man doesn't still love his wife;  come a certain age, both develop their own hobbies which increasingly are more and more different because they have separately found their own relative positions in society,

being kind and caring to one person doesn't mean being less kind and caring to another person;  oaths are not broken because love is not a zerosum game.

at midlife, most men lose their steam, the engine splutters, the search for new inspiration gains momentum.  men need to hunt and to learn. these two drives are unconquerable.

life is brief and most of the time stupidly meaningless and while indeed in most cases the other one(s) are less attached to reciprocal feelings than to material comforts, there is always

that silly hope

it won't be so

with just one.

and the only way to find out is to get


and go home after that

if the one who holds up the sky

won't disdain receiving

the stupid dog .


Life is the only joke in town where no one laughs, especially men.

Cut them some slack so that they can go meet their respective makers not feeling emptier than they're too polite to confess.

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