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could you tell me your opinion? [Copy link] 中文

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   Yesterday one of my former colleague phoned me and told me that my former manager already start his own business, but that is by secret robbing my former (his) boss' trade order.He set up his own factory secretly years ago when he was still in his position,then tried to translate the boss' business to his own. this year he finally  got my former boss' biggest client successfully.So now he left the company and manage his own business completely.My former boss didn't know the truth until the manager he is on the rocks.and the colleague who phoned me is facing the danger of losing his job too as the boss said openly he don't believe in the manager's co-workers any more from now on.So yesterday he phoned me and asked me whether there are position free in the company I presently work for.

    That's really incredible!As far as I know,my former boss once believed in the manager very much,the manager seemed like very loyal too.and what's the guilt of my former colleague?The thing is none of his business at all.he has been stayed in that company for five years. always earning money by his honest work.What a wicked world! why the cheat gain success,the trust gain facing going bankrupt,the honest gain will being fired?Maybe I stick in the mud?Then if I am in that  manager's shoes someday,whether I should do so for getting success?You wise,I hope know your opinion.

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The story cannot be that simple.

Remember that every story, every event, has at least two sides.

You have heard your friend's side of the story, and of course that is the side that all of us want to believe, but we must all still understand that there are other ways of looking at the situation.

It would seem to me that you lose nothing by simply answering your friend's question. Is there any work at your company? Yes or no?

If what your friend means by "Is there any work?" is "Can you give me a job?" then that is a much tougher situation. Can you? Do you want to? Is it a good time for you or your company?

If your friend is a hard worker, as you say, and has worked for five years, as you say, then he should have no trouble finding a new job - IF he has to.

Perhaps his current boss is simply angry and turning up the pressure to see who else will abandon the company. Perhaps if your friend stays, the boss will know he is the most loyal employee that he has.

Who knows? You don't have enough information!

Best of luck!

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Re doubter

     thank you very very much!

  First I have to thank you for your reminding me of geting a job is a snap in china."five year's working experience","work hard",yeah,but I know millions of "XiaGang" workers all fit with the two they must already "get another job".they must already live happily.How safe and sound a world!It seems like political report.

  then I have to thank you for your teaching me how to be a good
employee.yeah!when boss is angry with you,you must eat humble pie even if you have no fault at all.when danger is coming, you should
bury your head in the sand, you shouldn't do anything even if beef somewhere or looking for a bridge of gold.As "who knows?" " maybe he just hope distinguish who is the loyal employee".and " we still haven't enough infomation""things is not so simple".then how complex
it should be?He feel the danger, so look for a bridge of gold,I don't
understand how complex it is?Maybe he is that manager's pal?then
he needn't ask me for help at all.

   finally thank you for your wish "luck".although we never believe
luck at all.we never believe we would cross that bridge when we get to it. we just believe facing the fact. Repay kindness with kindness,I wish you and your family,  your relations, your friends,are lucky to far away from all those  unfair treatment forever.

    thank you again!

Ps:From A to Z,I haven't seen your answer to my question "if I'm in that manager's shoes someday, whether I should do so?"I'd like hear your grandiose theory again, ok?sorry, Maybe  you follow " A gentleman should far from kitchen or slaughter hall", don't discuss the immoral question here?

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RE: Seasky


I appreciate your integrity and I don't believe that you will get into a success by robbing. Actually you don't need to be so surprised by this event, which was happening every day and everywhere, I believe, just as murdering and fleecing. It is illegal, and you won't do it, right? You know "Kindness will be paid with kindness", and this successful manager will surely pay for his robbery, sooner or later. So don't be obsessed by this trifle, go on your life.   

I aapreciate your english very much, espeically your humor and plots, very smart. Hope to make a friend with you. OK?

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seasky's second postq

I'm sorry, I don't understand your second post at all.

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   thanks, you flatter me.I am new around here.finding here only about two weeks ago.coming here mainly for learning english from all of you.Pls forgive my teaching fish how to swim here.
   That day I was in the blue for some thing including the matter.So I
hope pour it out somewhere.maybe I should cool it at is a small case indeed.

    But sometimes I really don't know how should I do on the society though I am already very old.I even don't know who can direct me,really envy those least they have GOD and BIBLE to direct their soul.I  smell the Satan's temptation constantly,really delicious!

   You said "kindness will be repayed by kindness".are you sure? I already saw too many" pains, no  gains" and "no pains,gains much".
As for my former manager.As far as I know.The law never care for how do you get your trade order.that's only concern you and your client.You can say he is immoral,maybe you can't say what he did is illegal, and He's a talent indeed.A firm leaded by a talent replace a firm leaded by a airhead who even have no the ability to identify who is loyal.I don't know whether it do harm to the society?I just be sympathetic to my friend, Fortune is variant.

   So I always think whether moral is nothing at all on the
society?at least on business field?Immoral isn't equal to illegal,
If by immoral but legal way I can get success,and don't  do harm to the society, then I have the power to help my friends and others.If so,why I should miss the boat if possible?

    Who knows?!


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