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请教一个句子 [Copy link] 中文

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"once there,he would cling to the handrail until he could reached the lower steps that the warmer tunnel air kept ice-free."这句话后面的部分"that the wammer tunnel air kept ice-free"是同谓语丛句还是定语从句?如果一个句子是修饰名词的时候,应该怎么区分是定于从句还是同谓语从句?

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1. 从句的性质不同:同位语从句用来解释或说明名词的具体内容,二者之间是同位关系;定语从句用来说明先行词的性质或特征,起修饰或限制作用,二者之间是修饰与被修饰的关系。

【例句】We can't solve the problem how we can travel faster than light. 如何才能超过光的速度,我们解决不了这个问题。(how从句是the problem的具体内容,为同位语从句)

I can't remember the problem that they have. 我记不得他们的问题了。(problem就是have的对象,至于the problem的具体内容,没有说明,故是定语从句)

2. 引导词的作用不同:同位语从句的引导词不充当句子成分;定语从句的引导词充当句子成分并指代前面的先行词;同位语从句的引导词that 一般不可省略。

【例句】 Jim got to know the news that the whole village was in great danger. 吉姆得知整个村子都处在极度危险中的消息。(同位语从句)

I have no idea when he will come back. 我不知道他什么时候回来。(同位语从句)

Do you know the news (that / which) Jim told me?(定语从句) 你知道吉姆告诉我的那个消息吗?

另外,我想问一下,你这个句子原文出自什么地方? 句中的steps.作者是如何表达的?steps 还是STEPS?
因为两者的意思截然不同。STEPS 表示太阳热离子电源系统 即:Solar Thermionic Electrical Power System

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Thanks for your answer nicholass

Thanks for your answer nicholass. The sentence i posted above is from an article of NEW COLLEGE ENGLISH.
The steps here in chinese means "台阶".
The author's father was severly crippled.When ice or snow was on the ground ,it was impossible for him to walk.At such times the author would pull him through streets of N.Y.,on a child's sleigh to the subway entrance,and then he would cling to the handrail until he reached the lower steps.
i have another question:can "that"in the sentence be replaced by "where"?

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Re:It's a appositive clause

once there,(有一次他到那里?)他要靠着扶手才能到达较低的地铁入口处的台阶,因为地下的常温空气使得这里不像室外那么寒冷。根据你的提示得出的意思分析应该是If it is attributive clause, should be "where", but this setence is appositive clause, 它是对台阶.作补充说明, 而不是加以限制。

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