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IF u fall in love with someone from oversea..... [Copy link] 中文

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I have known a man through icq .We have known each other for more than three months .About two months ago we end up together.Bcos we are two kinds of persons of a kind .In my own city,i can't find the ppl like him.He is from singpore,can speak chinese.I enjoy to talk to him.We both often complain that fate is too cruel .Two people are in love but can't be together .SO SAD.We keep in contact with each other every day.He almost send sms to me every nite when i go to bed.i feel sweet.
Bros and sisters ,can u tell me what i should do in future?i love him,but the fate is cruel.Should I treasure it now ?

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If you are sure that is love...

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Be very careful!

Three months is not long enough to really love someone, who you have not met, yet. Also, it is very easy for a guy to charm a girl with smooth lies, on icq! Be sure that he isn't only telling you what he knows you want to hear.

I will be marrying a Chinese girl in January, and we have had known each other for three years, before we met. Like you, we were in love after three months.

During those three years, we got to know each other very well, in our hearts and minds, without the distraction of physical attraction. Also, that time was a test of our love and devotion.

She came to America to see if she would like living here, and she really loves it very much. But, I cannot know if you would like it. Everyone is different.

It is easier for my fiancee to move here, because her beloved mother died of cancer, several years, ago, and her father and brother are mean to her.

To be honest, three years was actually too long to wait, but well worth it I hope you don't have to wait that long, but don't rush things. Mere infatuation can be easlily mistaken for love, and the results can be disasterous--but you are the only one who can know if you really feel love.

Be sure to ask your guy a lot of questions about his background and life. Be sure that he does not have a wife at home!

If your guy avoids questions, it is not because you are wrong to do so. It would be because he is hiding something.

Above all, if you meet, be sure that you are not alone with him, until you really feel safe. You should have friends with you and meet in a public place.

I really hope that you have found the man of your dreams and that things work out well for both of you!

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Personally, I don't believe in long distance love

This is only my own opinion though. So, I don't want to offend anyone in anyway. You can make friends over a long distance but I just think in order to be in love, our 5 senses have to be able to contact with the love mate. 5 senses i mean, through sight, smell, hear, touch and taste. Obviously, taste is not important, but sight, and smell does. Even though people don't want to admit it, physical attraction is very important. Therefore, sight and smell is a strong part of the relationship. As result, how can anyone be truly in love if they haven't seen each other in person and be in love. I"m sorry , I could be wrong totally. This is just my opinion.

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thanks all

Actually i don't know how to do.Love is a strange thing.I believe everyone if  u fall for someone,you also can't control yourself.

In short,let time prove all.bcos i can't do anything so far.

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To Blue Tiger

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I strongly agree with blue tiger


I would give you my personal advice. Both of us are female and i have experienced meeting interesting guys before over the net.

1st )Yes, u can meet the guy BUT u MUST be accompanied with your friends. Please be alert... there are many bad cases of girls being raped or killed. Of course, you would have think this guy is special and trustable.. please bear in your mind there is STILL POSSIBILITY OF DANGER which may / may not occur.

2nd) NO, u must never be a blind person. You must use your common sense to judge this particular person.

3rd) Questions: Some of the questions which needs to be answered:
        i) What makes you like him?
       ii) Was it a short or long spam of attraction/commitment?
      iii) How far can you maintain your friendship/relationship?
      iv) What are the reasons which makes you think u can trust him?
          Give yourself at least more than 10 reasons.

My last comment... if u cannot properly answer all these questions..... i suggest you guys might as well be an ordinary friends. (sorry if i sound cruel to you but if i am extremely cruel...... i wont even want to make comments or reply your questions).

Lastly: PLEASE take good care of yourself.

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