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IF u fall in love with someone from oversea..... [Copy link] 中文

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Thanks smallrabbit...

I don't konw what i like him.He also asked this question in the past.I told him it's very natural.Maybe he is a joker in the life,maybe he is sensitive man,maybe he knows me very well.Because he always can guess what i am thinking.Our character is very similar.i pay more attention to feelings to choose boyfriend.

He is not rich.We all do not dare to think of it too much at present.Just treasure the time that we are together on the web.Complain the cruelty of destiny once in a while.

If you want me to write down at least 10 reasons to prove what i trust him,I have to think a while.But i think i can make myself to trust him.

Suddenly,i don't want to write .As if all these are very no point.Let the fate decide it.Even if meet him and want it until July of next long.

In any case ,thanks all...Although i still don't know what i should do .

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I think i understand what you were thinking. Perhaps it has been too much for a person to write down 10 reasons of why he/she likes another person. However, sometimes a person (you) really need to think carefully of these reasons. If one day you have to face a tough situation such as distances , quarrel, fights.. etc... you might suddenly feel very upset and discouraged to continue the relationship.... then it would best to refer back to what you have listed down (the 10 reasons of why you choose him). It does help a lot :) Even at this moment... i still think hard of the reaons why i wanted to be with my current bf.

*of course u would say he understands me a lot and we are meant to be together... no one never say that is a "no" answer :) but.... if u have to ask yourself ,... deep within your heart.. u would be able to know and see clearly the reasons of how he truly understands you.. perhaps.. the words he used..? the expression he gave u..? :)

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BOO HOoooo

All your postings make me cry boohoooo!!!!, I am touched with so much of emotions in this particular topic!. TRRRINNNg but time to wake up and continue with my normal like, I think you should too baby! there are much more important things in life than just to love somebody over the net. Who knows you are just have been chatting to ARS ( automatic response service) may be its not human at all.

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To BOO Hooo

i am a new member for this forum and i really intered in this topic .
I know this is an old topic , but it's an hot topic in my heart because i had the same story as Baby.

U know, all your advices are so deep in my heart . And make me to consider lot of things. I don't know what i should i do as well???
i met a guy through internet for only three month and then we become lover. But i never know who he is from or any of his background. I used to meet him only one time at my place. Now he want me to travel with him to another place, is it too fast to do , right??? Why i dare to go wth  him??

Rocket, please share ur experiences with me. Is it possible that i love him through internet???

Hope i can get lots of ideas from all of you.

Thanks very much for your kind

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Love through internet

Hi BOO Hooooo, your case was very interested me and it is really sad but romentic.

For this time, i would like to talk to Puppy80 since her case is seemingly the same other cases have been comming to pass all every where. I think that it is very fast as well that the guy asked you to go for a board with him since you had met him only one time and have learned very little about him. But i really don't know you have fallen deeply to him or not if not, you had better try to learned more about him. But it is really hard to learn about his mind while you are not near by him. So how you gonna learn about him mind if you are so far from him??

I would suggest you that if you want to continuse you should try to close him and then investigate his motivation to you. It is really hard to estimate his mind through talking. One more thing, if you feel that making love through internet is not so reliable you should disconnect with him since you have not been in a serious problem.


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