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basic education in China? [Copy link] 中文

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The high school students(the students i teach), it seems to me, are too busy to learn.
Every day they spend too much time reading books and sometimes rubbish books, and listening to their teachers, some of whom don't like or believe in what they teach.
My students stay in their classroom for more than 10 hours,  13 periods all together.
Are you a teacher or interested in education? What is your opinion about basic education in China?

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It is not perfect -- but neither is any other education system in the world.

It is pretty easy to criticise China's education system because there are certainly many things wrong with it.

However, China has made great changes over the years and its policy of providing 9 years of education has largely succeeded. Yes, education is expensive but when you consider it is a life-long investment it is not so expensive after all.

China is still developing and it has a huge number of students to educate so it cannot be expected to change dramatically in just a few short years. Class sizes are still large by western standards and this dictates a certain style of teaching which is teacher centred rather than student centered. The teacher teaches and the students listen and learn. Any other method needs class sizes to drop well below thirty, and considering the huge cost of building more schools and training extra teachers -- and the long time this takes -- any significant change is still many years away.

In the west there seems to be a malaise effecting many students -- seemingly brought about by lack of confidence in the future and recognition that in a competitive job market, even low paid jobs will be hard to find. This does not effect the top students of course, but it does mean that there is an increasing number of lower ability student who see little point in getting an education if it does not lead to a job. This group have become quite disruptive and cause significant problems in  the school system. Could it be that the same problem is changing the work and study ethic of some students in China's schools? It does not take many disenchanted students to "wreck" the orderly conduct of a class, and given the traditional respect and unquestioning obedience given to teachers in the past it could be that they will be hard pressed to maintain calm conditions in the future.

The other significant problem is the huge number of subjects and lessons endured by the students. There seems to be the idea that all students are the same so that all must learn the same wide range of subjects whether they have aptitude for them or not. This could be a result of the scarcity of philosophers and a preponderance of engineers among the upper echelons of the CCP over the last thirty years.

As if this was not bad enough, there are the extras forced on the exhausted children by ambitious parents who mistakenly believe that the pursuit of useless knowledge must take precedence over the simple pleasures of just being a normal child.

Despite the problems, the students of today are vastly better off than probably their parents and certainly their granparents -- and they can look forward to even better things for their own children. However, they must be prepared to take on increasing responsibility for their own learning instead of relying on spoon feeding by their teachers.

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basic education in China

In my last post, I didn't mean to criticize the Chines education. Instead, I only hoped to attract  attention of those on this forum. To me, the basic education in China is a topic that deserves to be attached great importance to. It has a lot to do with the future of the young generation and that of the country.
The Chinese basic ed has changed a lot, for the better, epecially when compared with what it was, for example 25 years ago.
When I was in primary school, the theme of my school life went like the words of a song, which was one of the few songs we had then. "I am a commune member;To cut the grass, to pick up dropings and wheat heads. Plainly speaking, we spent not much time reading.
Luckily, everything changed at the end of 1970's. The students could begin to do what students should do --to spend most of the time studying. The teachers started to gain respect.
The Chinese basic ed is improving. the students are doing what most of them want to; most of the teachers are busy heart and jsoul in preparing their lessons and correcting the student's assignments. Thae parents of the students are satisfied. But this does not cover up the fact that much needs to be donein basic ed. Some students are spending too many hours reading for the college entrance exams.This, I worry, could ruin their health. Some teachers only know cram knowledge and facts into the heads of the students. They seldom think of ways to stimulate. And in some schools , score is everything. So many things, for example, psychological education, moral education, are ignored.

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