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The British Empire Gentleman's Club is gaining benefits from China! [Copy link] 中文

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It has just been reported in my local business new magazine, THE EDGE, Malaysia that China has given British Petroleum the rights to have 1,000 petrol station in two key districts in China. ie. Guandong and Shanghai region. (or equivalent of supplying 1.0 M barrel a day)

The British Empire Gentleman's Club is being favoured by the Chinese Nation. The provision of such a big business favour - equivalent to 2x the Malaysia Petroleum market is fantastic to Britain and a plus to Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The petrol trade is a much peaceful business compared to selling Opium! (what changes with time). Hope Britain under Labour do a better job of protecting the interest of the British Empire Club. While Britain still controls the oil fields in North Atlantic, access to oils in Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and probably Canada.

It would be such a shame if Britain becomes a province of either Europe or America (more the later than the former!)

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The British Empire Gentleman's club spreads the benefits to its members!

The British Club now has a membership that possess a lot of resources.


(1) Food and Grain - there is 18 million km2 with really an oversupply of wheat, maize, cotton, soya, beef, pork, sheep etc. anything you want.

(2) It has oil, plenty of it. Canada = 3.5 M barrel/day, British Isle = 3.5 M barrel/day, Malaya = 1 M barrel/day or equivalent to 8 M barrel a day. The Empire Club only needs around 3.5M barrels of oil. The Basra oil - 1.5 M barrels, a benefit from Iraq disposal of the Nut Saddam Hussein would be added advantage.

The Chinese nation has provided the British Empire Club with at least 1M barrel/day outlet with is kind provision of oil distributorship and wholesaling in 2007 for Guandong and Shanghai, its old English Hunting grounds. But we really hope, this time the British must accord highest decorum and drop the old Aristocratic behaviour for real English Mason gentleman middle class value - like the Bananas and the old Chinese Gentry and Mandarinate.

(3) Singapore has develop a series of mini satelites that the British Empire club could launch from Australia. It would be cheaper than the Galileo system -GPS or the American GPS. The Satellite can give the British Empire the eyesight needed. It might have to develop satelite killing system using the same technology of the mini satellites.

(4) Singapore, South Africa has also developed coal liquification system that can provide the additional needs of the Empire Club, so that sufficient oil can be exported to maintain the Club. There is at least 300 - 500M tonnes of coal capacity (not including Canada) now in constant production.

(5) The new British Empire club air superiority fighters is to be developed soonest with markets in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Malaya, Singapore and maybe allies Korea or Taiwan will have more choices.

(6) The new aircraft carrier (adaptation from the old Harrier carriers could be developed rather quickly)  could be sold to Singapore to protect the South East Asian waters from a worried Japanese!

With revenue from oil retail in China, common markets in Australia, Malaya, Canada and British Isle, the Empire Club would remain viable.

That way, The British Empire Club could retain sovereignity against an increasing dangerous world of American and Chinese competition.

The world would be a lot safer!

The Europeans are quite safe with Russian, Algerian, Libyan, Nordic oil...more than enought. They have the Euro, they have Galileo GPS, France provides the nuclear umbrella, Germany/France the hardware for military hardware!

The European Union is well prepared for the New Enviroment.

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Benefits of being in the British Empire Gentleman's club.

Malaysia for example has a BP solar energy research centre while Singapore is provided with a BP hydrogen filling research. Singapore Nanyang University is developing automotive fuel cell hydrogen storage.

The Fuel Cell technology is the next step technology from Hybrid car now developing in KOrea, Japan, Canada, Germany. General Motors is a late developer. But the American will catch up.

The hybrid technology will reduce American oil consumption from 22 million barrels a day to 11 million barrels a day while reinvigorating the American manufacturing centre. However American has been using "Wastage Kongfu" to increase in GNP. ie. double size home and double size the monster homes and MPV, SUV might have to come down to earth.

Getting Iraq or Iran does not benefit it. Afterall, i am sure the British Empire Club does not want to be a province in the American Empire - no matter what they say in public!

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Already Singapore is rewarded with the BP world IT HQ centre. This will help reduce the number of structurally unemployed in Singapore with more employed professionals needing services like Food, Spa, Facials, Manicures, Massages to replace those lost assembly and garment assembly jobs! (This is how Malaysia replace the needed 50,000 jobs lost in garment assembly to China, Cambodia, Fiji and Vietnam!)

Mua ha ha ha ha ha

The Banana gentleman club strikes again!

mua ha ha ha ha

If only it is true! boo hoo hoo

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The Jewish prophet might come true.

In the Bible code, the Jewish prophet came across NATURE'S warning of destruction of New York or Jurusalem.

President Bush, did not learn how to enjoy NATURE'S bounty of finding ways to solve it predicament it present problem. It did not pray to the God of many Ways.....the idol of the Jewish people.

President Bush could have turn back the "tick tocks" towards Armegeddon but he seeks not to listen to everybody "teaching"!

I really could not understand, why it couldn't use new technology like hybrids and fuel cell to rescue the American. Once such technologies are introduced, the DEFICIT WILL DISSAPEAR! And as nations such as Malaysia becomes richer, piracy of movies, music and software will disappear and adding to American surplus.

Then, China needs of oil fulfilled, America could export as much as US$100 billion worth of materials to china, coal, gas, ore and probably some exotic raw materials. It is for sure China will not loose food security.

An expansion of budget travel in Asia and South Asia will bring in prosperity to America via sales of Boeing air crafts but war, and the terrrorist activity that comes with it will decrease some addition to American markets........

Brazilian, South African, Mexican gaining of wealth will bring about prosperity to medical companies....

Eventually the surplus in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore will be reduce and American deficit will be solved!

Repent now American Empire, Mr. Bush! This is your last warning from Nature!

The English Gentleman Club nations should not get involved in this craziness of American Empire and the BONE AND SKULL gang in the BUSH ADMINISTRATION!

Good luck! British Empire Gentleman's club!

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Greendragon I will add something to this.

Britain won't become a province of America or Europe, simply because we have links to both of them. It is in our best interests to stay independent of both and gain the benefits of working with these two groups.

Also remember that the EU will never become a nation. The new members like Poland had to fight Communism and the USSR for over 40 years. They won't throw away their hard-won independence to become part of a United States of Europe!

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The North Sea oil is a good resource for UK and Nordic countries.

Imagine 7.0 million barrels a day production from both Norway and United Kingdom. About 50% of Europe oil needs!

Definately can keep independence and get European Union and America engaged with it peacefully!

Now if only it can keep an independent industry from being devastated by tricky nations or a military industry financed cheaply from former British Empire nations.


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The British Empire Gentleman's club must work on its strategy!

Now that the British Empire club is too widespread, it must work on strategies to protect Canada!

The British Isle, and Australia/New Zealand can be easily protected by being Islands. However the British needs to find ways to protect Canada from absorbtion.....which is the next logical move of the American empire!

You know about "Killing the Chicken to frighten the Monkey"!

Yes, Spain is now the "Chicken" to frighten the "British Gentleman's club"!

ha ha ha ha ha aiyoh, the plot gets more interesting and crazy!

Well, The British Gentleman's club got to decide whether to be a DOG, MONKEY, OX or gain back it's COURAGE and become back A LION HEARTED NATION!!!!!!!!

South Africa, Malaya and Singapore needs to be protected by friendly parties, Only Canada is being threatened now......Soft power approach is needed now!

Come on BRITAIN, show us the LION ROAR! If the British Empire Club does not rise to the occasion, it might be KAPUT for it!

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