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I feel paranoid now [Copy link] 中文

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Main Entry: para·noia
Pronunciation: "par-&-'noi-&
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek, madness, from paranous demented, from para- + nous mind
1 : a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations
2 : a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others

If I have done anything that inflicts personal pain on any participants in this forum, my apologies go out to them.
My name is not Darrel or Lau Gau Kim, I am a relative newcomer to this forum. I have come here to glean from the wisdom of much more informed and intelligent people than myself.  I will however not let myself be bullied into not posting my  views here.  If you take personal offense to my postings, my suggestion is that you reply courteously and with the same respect you ask for.

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chairman has been deleted
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Not at are most welcome...sorry for the rude attitude of the American.

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chairman has been deleted
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I should explain.........

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'requiem,' save the effort

You know better than anyone else who you are.

Anyone who saw you did what you did in the last twenty-four hours in this forum bumping my threads and floating new ones at the rate of one two-sentence post every few minutes would know who you are.

And now this demented zombie comes along and feed you a lie, saying that I asked him to delete a post on UN and kids.  

That's totally absurd.

As to the allegation that I had 'told' him to take off that thread, it never happened, period.

What happened was that I saw him mention my handle in one of his posts and I wrote him a regular PM asking him to delete my handle in that particular post because I did not want to get involved since I wanted to concentrate on doing something else..  

He was drunk and thought I had asked him to take down the whole thread of posts and started accusing me of 'demanding' him to do that and became pathologically agitated with unmistakable signs of paranoid schizophrenia, even to the point of calling shanhuang and I 'American medical students.'

I didn't know he was talking about me at first and thought it was rather strange because he was so uncontrollably agitated in his pressuring me to trash the two newcomers..

Now he is twisting the facts to suggest that Shanhuang and I had asked him to take down a post with malicious intent.

I can imagine detractors here trying to fish in trouble waters and take delight in his about-face.

I have seen my share of crazies in psychiatry wards years ago during externships but this one beats them all.

Don't believe anything he is saying.  

This man is a Zionist and doesn't give a damn about anything or anyone else.

Christopher is right about him.

He thinks the more he says the more people will believe him.

Anyone who does that is truly not the brightest in the world.

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Reply: 'requiem,' save the effort

I have no interest or intention of becoming a pawn siding for either parties in this dispute.
My efforts to reopen this forum to sensible discussion and reasonable debate will not be thwarted.
As to my identity, yes you are quite correct.  I do know who I am.

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Darrell Coleman (chairman), no need to talk to yourself

Darrell Coleman (chairman) is a pathological Liar, a FAKE Chinese patriot with many different handles

Shame on you for putting your own lies into my mouth. Show readers the proof of your shameless lies. The reason you attacked us is because both I and wchao37 can’t agree with you on your unbalanced view and smear attack of United Nations by calling UN a child rapist organization completely disregarding the vast good work UN has done for the world from humanitarian work, fighting hunger and diseases, disaster rescue, peace keeping to holding up international laws despite there are a few bad employees and management. Shame on you for your out of balance smear attacks.

China is a strong supporter of the UN, so does most nations in the world except US and Israel. UN has helped China on population control, protecting environment and world culture heritage sites, funding education, helping setting up rural area disease control and many other good works. UN has also highly praised China for our great achievement of lifting millions of people out of poverty. To maintain world peace, the world needs UN. But you are such a liar you distorted our balanced view about UN and created a lying thread saying wchao37 and I, Shan Huang, want UN to be a world government and let UN to govern China. You can’t go any lower.

We had been treated you as a friendly foreign poster in the past, but we can’t support you on this shameless attack of UN. Your personal attack to both I and wchao37 became rampant when we refused your request to trash Christopher, a new member in this forum, who pointed out your smear of UN is for Israel (You did say you unconditionally support Israel) because UN has accused Isreal so many times for violating international laws. Since then you have been sending threatening PMs to us, posting one after another lies about us, bumping your shameful lying thread about UN day and night. Your ugly behavior has NO doubt supported Christopher’s accusation of your being a Zionist. Shame on you, you made yourself a lying fool.

All wchao37 and I did was to point out your unbalanced view about UN. Anyone who reads through your “UN-rape” thread can find out the truth, and can see why Darrell Coleman (chairman) is a liar. Just show the readers what we said in my and wchao37’s original words with links. Don’t put your lies into my mouth. Shame on you for being such a liar.

You pretend to be a Chinese patriot to divide this forum by using extremely terms to paint an ultra-nationalism picture but your real agenda is supporting Iraq war, supporting Bush and supporting Israel. Which is NOT our Chinese stand. You lied to say you are more Chinese than I am, shame on you, you can’t even speak or read Chinese, let alone understanding our Chinese thinking. You exposed yourself by such lies, so you changed to call me a “HK American Banana Hanjian”. You are such a loser such that now you need to find alliance with Japanese war crime apologist and longtime China hater such as Tony He Dan, another pathological liar who hides behind a Chinese handle (He Dan) to back up you.

You have created so many handle names for attacking and smearing such that China Daily banned you once, now you are doing it again, only more vicious and rampant. Anyone can see how many lying personal attack threads you have put out there, day and night. You are so sick. You have to keep bumping your thread to the top to get more readers to open your thread, but who would believe your lies? You are so pathetic.

I have more important work to do and more interesting threads to post or to talk (unlike you 24 hours a day bumping your lying threads). I have no desire to follow your garbage threads or posts, only once a while point out the truth so to give readers a reference. But even without my reference, I am sure readers can see who you are, a pathological liar pretending to be a Chinese.

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chairman has been deleted
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Short version:

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