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China-Africa Relations [Copy link] 中文

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Stand up for BLACK POWER!!!!!!

Mr. Jayzee....i am in full support for BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS!!!!!

Stand up Black America!!!!!

Support the GAPMA as a serious political party against the white and semite aggressors!!!!!!!

Minority rights, start with you!!!!

Green Dragon

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The traditional friendship and relations of good cooperation between China and African countries has stood the test of time and gone through the international turbulent events. This relationship, being a good example to the developing countries, has futher been consolidated and developed under the present new situations.

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Wake up Chinese people

"The United States and its Western allies have accused the People's Republic of China, one of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, of failing to use its influence in Sudan to help end what many have called genocide"



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Forget Your Propaganda, Fish


If you have points to make, make them.  Stand like a man and debate.  Refute the facts or arguments presented.  No one's buying your pointless propaganda.  The world can see your country commiting cold blooded murder wherever your military leads.  Even your own Congressman cannot stand it and has to speak up.  And yet nothing changes.

So get off your high horse already.  China is literally the ONLY major nation that is doing good in Africa.  If we leave your kind to your devices, Africa would still have a negative growth rate and famines and starvation and death by the millions killed by easily preventable diseases.  America certainly knows how to stop Malaria.  Yet still millions in Africa are still killed by the preventable disease, in the two decades China was absent.  Fickle Americans no longer gave a feck about Malaria, it turned out, as they switched to AIDS instead.  So they talked big and "promised" "$10 Billion Dollars" to spend on African AIDS.  Of course, as usual, it turned out to be an empty promise.

Instead of asking China to leave, if you guys are serious about the welfare of the Africans, you should outsource all your projects to the Chinese.  Chinese infrastructure teams can do twice the good in half the time.  You can learn from the Chinese.

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"Instead of asking China to leave"

Who wants China to leave??????

Not me....not the USA. Who said anything about leaving?

In fact.....China can help and help in a big way. The Chinese can join the human race and have
compassion for the people of Darfur.

We only your ears to the screams.

We only turn the switch on and feel the pain.

We only open your eyes and see the horror.

We only ask...join the world and help these people of Darfur.

(Note: You can still have the oil too):)

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Fish: Take Care Of Charity At Your Doorsteps First

Stop the cold blooded murder of unarmed civilians in Iraq, then you can get on your high horse and do your finger pointing.  Until then, you are not qualified.  You are considered a hypocrite.

China needs no finger pointing from the West, which only claim to fame on the African continent was to really screw up the lives of the natives badly.  Before the West arrived, the Africans may fight each other with sticks and stones, but that never killed large numbers.  It was with the introduction of the brutal, no holds barred, bloodthirsty Wesetern ways that African truly turned into the dark continent.  The dark ages for Africa, with millions routinely dying by disease and wars funded and perpetrated by the West, has gone on for centuries.   It did not begin with China's arrival, and since the West started it in the first place, and was not able to stop it for centuries up till now, logically the situation WILL NOT get any better if China adopt the Western ways in Africa - which ways have been empirically proven, over several hundred years, NOT TO WORK.

It is time to try China's way.  The Africans will greatly benefit from China's example of pulling the nation up by the bootstraps, and working out their own problems.  Nope, no more colonial armies needed.

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This is about Africa People

Stop acting like the Chinese government.....and pretend you can not see and can not hear.

Please do not disrespect the African people like this.

You MUST care.

I know we have gone back and forth about many topics....but this Tong is different...

...and you know it.

Start a thread about the Iraqi civilians being murdered today by spooked soldiers....I will comment....

...but this thread is for the people of Darfur.....They need OUR help.

You too Tong

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