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It is the lives and well being of the African natives that are at stakes.  It is no longer about your stupid pride, white man!!  Your kind have butchered blacks on the continent, and ruined their lives for several centuries straight.  You take out resources on colonial terms, and keep the natives poor, weak, and diseased.  You make empty promises of aid and never deliver.  Your politicos and princes and princesses come to the continent, do photo shoots with reporters in tow in AIDS hospitals (they don't even go to malaria hospitals anymore, since that is easier to catch than AIDS), take a few photo, and then retire back to air conditioned hotels for R&R, before hopping on to planes the next day to go back from whence they come, and even have the gall to charge their trips (the entire entourage's worth) as "charitable contribution" and "humanitarian aid."  Then they heap on "military aid" to make sure that the locals have enough fire power to kill themselves and make themselves weak.  They bring in their enforcers in the form of IMF, World Bank, and the Paris Club and theri predecessors  to do loansharking, which over hundreds of years mean that the entire continent could be turned over to the West AND still the natives would have to work for another 300 years as slaves and still have no hope of paying off what they owe to the West.

So there is no hope for the African natives, and that is exactly how you guys want it - a weak, poor, and dependent Africa, which is easier to rob.

China's entry presented an alternative to the natives.  China brought infrastructure at half the cost in half the time.  China build roads and bridges and hospitals and schools, and China taught the natives how to be their own masters, work their own mines and sell their own exports, without having to go through the West.  So the West is truly concerned, as the last thing they want to see if an independent, strong Africa.

So what do they do?  They want China out.

But the lives fo the Africans, for generations to come, are much more important than profits to your countrymen, Fish.  Give them a chance. Stand aside and let the Chinese do the good work, and bring more hope and more wealth and more health and more peace to Africa.  Give donations if you want to, but at least get the feck out of the way.  Your methods did not work - they have not worked for 300 years.  Why would they work now?  It is time to try the Chinese way.

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Again Tong....we do not want China out

...we want China to be there. You guys have influence...I agree but...

"In the past three years the country of Sudan has produced 2.5 million refugees, 3.5 million citizens on the brink of famine, and over 400,000 dead bodies" can not stand idley must take action and help the weak.

These people are dying...starving.....being raped today, yesterday and tomorrow.

China has done good for Africa.....but China can not be blind to this horror.

How can China be so cold?

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China is On Fire

Cold?  What 'cha talking 'bout!!  China is the most sought after partner on the African continent.  Great work, on time work, high quality goods, all at very reasonable prices.  Low maintenance, no demands, sovereign friendly.  Everyone wants to do deals with the Chinese.  How can that be cold?  

At the rate it is going, in another decade China will be the largest trading partner of Africa, and it will be do a world of good for the natives.  With new found wealth, the natives will treasure peace, and will want to preach love instead, since they would actually have something to lose.  

Grow the economies - that is the ONLY surefire way of permanently helping the developing nations of the world.  America should learn from China and give the developing nations free access to the markets, without asking for this and that and that and that in return.

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Tong...I am losing you

"the most sought after partner on the African continent"

....but we are talking about people suffering....big time

China's success come at what cost?

China can be the hero in the Sudan.

China is sought the governments of Africa....and some are not to fact...

some like China because China asks no questions.

The world is looking at China as a deaf, dumb, blind, heartless people.

I do not believe this....I can not believe this.

Brainstorm Tong....what idea's can you come up with to stop the bloodshed?

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China IS the Hero to the Sudan

When the Sudanese have needs, they came to China, and China delivered.  So our friends are having internal squabbles.  Every nation has that.  You can stop all internal squabbles.  Nobody stopped you guys (nor could anybody have) from killing each other in your Civil War, as enough was at stake, and the problems must be ironed out through the system, or the cancer will forever remain.  

Fish, treat them like adults, and let them work it out among themselves.   You think it is fun to have millions of refugess overruning the countryside?  Our friends will learn, and through the experience will figure out for themselves that perhaps there are better ways to end conflicts.  

Actually, if indeed there are millions affected, how many are you proposing to send in for "peacekeeping"?  I can guarantee you that if you spend HALF that sum and just give it to the Sudanese government in exchange for certain behavior, you'd get better results and nobody would get killed.  By inserting an expeditionary force in Sudan today, you are standing between two armed  vieing forces.  More people will get hurt and more hatred will be engendered.  You'd just be setting up a Hatfield and McCoy multiplied by a million times, which would plague the nation for hundreds of years to come.

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I can't do it Tong....

....I can not stand by and watch someone getting raped....

...we Americans can be many things...and wrong about many things...

...but to just WATCH and say they will work it out... is too hard.

I must get some rest now....I have work tomorrow.

The Chinese way....I don't like it is too hard for me to just watch.

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Mr. got to accept it......Amerikan Regime bucaneering ways... history....the world has risen...

The Latinos...
The Europeans....
The Persians.......
The Middle Kingdom.....
The Indians......
The British Club.....

Just accept the new world order and reform Amerika....
Bring back America to its people!

Green Dragon

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