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Come on guys, give me your advice! [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you, holidays!

Appreciate what you shared with me!  Those are really constructive advice! I can tell we have a lot in common and I do agree with most of what you have said.  

I know I cannot expect people here to fix my life, but I did hope to get some fresh looks towards my current situation.  And so many of you have shared your thoughts/insights, I cannot thank you all enough!  

P.S. Holidays if u still are thinking of coming back to China or just wanna get some ideas about life in China, I am more than happy to share my experience with you.

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To: mengyingbo

No, my profile is still there.  You can find my profile and send me messages if you like.

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To Eric_0

Hehe... I totally understand your type of guys.  Often I came across guys telling me "you are too good to be true".  Well, I guess there is no point to say too much to you!

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maybe they mean it

Often I came across guys telling me "you are too good to be true".

Maybe they honestly mean it, but don't know how else to express it, and you then miss out on someone who could be a potentially great boyfriend??

And you wonder why you are still single??

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environment change person

I have no simillar experience like you, but I feel that  you do have certain prejudice toward odinary Chinese guy. This, to some extent, is inevitable since you grew up and be educated abroad, and people surrounding you are all white men even after you back to China. Environment can change a person. You may as well come to places where you can meet real Chiese and do something with them together, and you are sure to find that not only white guys repect you and trust you. If you really want to settle down in China, try to inosculate into the local society. Though you may not find a love guy there, you will get a lot of fun and friendship. Certainly, you should prudently choose friend around you through long time intercourse, preventing from jumping at the bait.

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to greenpappaya

just want to say sth.

if you cannot find the correct one whom you plan to share your life with,
listen to me , just  wait, why  bother yourself with that kind of matter,

life is life , everyone has his or her problems, focus on one thing at one time , be yourself , plan your future, be modist, be kind, be optimistic,and most important of all, feel happy and enough whenever you feel upset.

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Greenpappaya... get a clue..

Hi all.. couldn't help but tag onto the end of this.. I just think it is really funny..

Greenpappaya I can understand your honesty.. and I really think it is great that you value yourself and know exactly what you are looking for in life..

but you seem to have gotten yourself confused with another girl who started out poor.. found a nice gown.. went to a ball and married a prince.. I think her name was cinde.. something like that..

I know you are speaking from the heart.. but the pure fact of the matter is that it is women like you that make good male foreigners (like the guys on this page) so wary of chinese women..

basically the message you have kept saying is that it doesn't matter how good the guy is.. you will leave him when someone better comes along..

unfortunately this is stereotype most foreign guys have of chinese women.. and what you are saying only re-inforces that..

For me I am successful in China with a better lifestyle than most.. and I can't count the number of women I have not had a second date with because their first date question was "how much money do you have or make?"

If you are as smart as you say you are then realise that most of the men in China who are smart don't need someone who is as smart as them.. they just want someone they can trust.. and this is something you have made clear you can't offer a the moment...

I wish you the best trying to find your prince charming..

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