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Language Tips – For Discussion (10) [Copy link] 中文

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This is the final installment.

Please see part (1) for explanation. Please feel free to add your suggestions.

For each section below, line 1 is from CD, below which are my comments:

压缩开支 put down expenses; retrench
CUT down expenses

沿海经济开发区 open coastal economic area
Coastal economic development area

演绎版 demo
Demo VERSION. Why so lazy ah?

业务报表 report forms of business
Business reports. Report contents, not the forms, are what people want to see.

业务电话 service call
Business call

业务对策business game
Business strategy. The whole country is so obsessed with playing games.

移动汇率 movable rate
Flexible exchange rate

银行代收费 deposit payment at bank
Bill payments at the bank

营业资金流动 operation cash flow
Operational/operating cash flow

优化组合 optimization grouping; optional regrouping
Optimized grouping/combination

有战斗力、有说服力、有吸引力的思想工作队伍 a contingent of militant ideological workers able to persuade and act as a magnet for others.
1. A contingent of highly capable, persuasive, and appealing ideological workers.
2. A contingent of ideological workers who are highly capable, persuasive and appealing.
Militant is 好斗的;好战的 it doesn’t sound good in this context.

优质名牌商品 famous-brand products of quality
Named brand, quality products.

预加工 preparatory cut; prior operation
Also to preprocess

越境污染 trans-frontier pollution
Trans-border pollution

运营 move and do business
To operate a business. “Move and do business” is so Chinglish!

宰客 swindle money out of customers
Also to rip off the customers

灾民 flood victims; flood-stricken people
Is flood the only kind of 灾?

渣打银行 The Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered

占地面积 floor space
Land area (occupied); Floor space 实用面积; Built up area 建筑面积

政策性住房 "policy-related house, policy-based house"
Housing, not house!

证券监督管理委员会securities supervision commission
CSRC China Securities Regulatory Commission

证券营业部 stock exchange; security exchange
Securities department. Stock exchange is 证券交易所

置业 house purchasing
Home/property purchasing. House doesn’t normally include 公寓.

制止外汇流失 prevent the flow-away of China's foreign exchange.

中立国 neutralized state
Neutral state. To neutralize usually means to disarm the enemy or to make them ineffective.

中型商用飞机 mid-size G200 business jets
Mid-size business jet. G200 is a specific Gulfstream model only.

住房零首付 zero-yuan first payment (for apartments)
Zero down payment

追潮族 fashion follower
Trend setters. “Follower” is too passive.

自然保护区 natural reserve; nature preservation zone
Nature reserve; nature conservation area

自然耗损 natural wearing
Natural wear and tear

自我保护意识 self-protection awareness
Self-protection instinct

自由职业者  free lance

总裁助理 assistant president
Assistant to the President. Assistant President = 助理总裁. Big difference! 前者多半是资深秘书,后者可能是总裁接班人。

综合经济效益 overall economic efficiency; composite economic results
Overall financial results/returns/payback

综合利用率  the rate of multipurpose utilization
Overall utilization rate

最低工资保障制度 minimum-wage guarantee system
Guaranteed minimum wage system

组阁 organize the cabinet
To form a new cabinet

租赁企业 leased enterprise
Leasing company – a company in the leasing business. Leased company means the company is leased from somebody.

钻空子 avail oneself of a loophole; exploit an advantage; take the advantage of the loopholes of.
To take advantage of loopholes

做假帐 salt a false account
To cook the books


Thanks for reading.

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Freelance 。It seems: some dictionaries also accept free_lance.


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规划用地面积 Plot Area
实用面积:Net Floor Area,  (NFA)  ,  also "usable area"(?) , (also “saleable area” in HK,香港的房屋销售按实用面积卖的,大陆地区不宜这样译。)

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cabinet re-shuffle
disaster victims

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a suggestion

综 合 经 济 效 益: Overall economic benefits?

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做假帐 to doctor the number (informal)

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