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Chinese Men are Inferior? [Copy link] 中文

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Which way do you like it? From your above post, it seems that you do not care too much about being equal?

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Am I jealousy of ???? hahahaha, I doubt it very much so.

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I'm equal with men at least in mind and I'm comfortable with how I'm treated here. I also believe I can survive on my own ability.

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We win again.

Maybe those coaches should help the Chinese Olymic team since they only received 63 medals and have a popualtion of 1.3 billion, and Australia received 49 medals with a population of 20 million.  So many people so few medals.  You can chalk that up to your girl-like bodies.  Maybe if you emphasize training more women than men you will increase your medal count, because your men have absolutely no chance against the west.

Now look at the total medal count and you will notice that the superior white people absolutely dominate sport.  Now I won't even mention the Winter Olympics where China only received 8 medals.  Now that is truely pathetic.  Any way you cut it little Rovi, we are your superior, from the physical to the mental.   

Hey are those Nikes finished yet, damn you are a lazy people.

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racist white people and racist chinese people

"Hey are those Nikes finished yet, damn you are a lazy people."  

Actually most Nikes are made in the Phillippines.  Might want to go and ask them where your shoes are.

As for Lazy people, well I don't quite agree.  Your most probably pissed off because a Chinese person took your job.  Not because he is Chinese but because he is more qualified and better at it.

I have been in China for two years now and apart from some Chinese on this site, the rest of them are ok.  True I have never seen one with a white girl but that comes down to personal taste.  I don't believe that that white girls are "tanks", that was just a stupid racist comment by some over reacting Chinese man which I took offense too because I am white myself.

I still think this is a stupid topic and one which should not even be a topic.

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Always better

Mostly low paying manufacturing jobs are going to China, seeing as the only resource they have to offer is cheap human capital.  I doubt my job (in the finance industry) will ever go to China,  they just don't have the mental capablity.  They can work as our slaves making low-cost items I have no problem with that.  

Well it has been fun my tiny friends but I have wasted enough time demonstrating your inferiority.  But I suppose you probably knew it all along.  Necasue if I got there I am treated like a god by your women, if you go here you are treated like an ugly alien.  Remember we always have and always will be better.  Now got make me my Nikes, while I sit in a nice climate controlled office, drive my nice new car, eat like a king, and have sex with your women.  It's feels good being the best, maybe if your lucky enough you can one day be an immigrant here.  But you will still be small and ugly.

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Just don't ask what we think of you, mickey ...


You're in the bottom group - score 0 - 8

Either you are seriously unhappy at work, a terrible money manager, or an out-and-out sloth. You'll have to change your attitude if you want don't want the pinnacle of your achievement to be reaching for the top shelf in the supermarket.


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