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Chinese Men are Inferior? [Copy link] 中文

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What about a Grand Award for colours?

Yeah, a colour award for blue, green and yellow ………….


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Barbarians? Then you are?

Yes us white people are barbarians, but what does that make the chinese?  Look at the west and look how developed it is, while China is still mostly living like peasants in the jungles.  Look at the innovation coming from the west, and look at China that can do nothing but copy our innovations, and work like slaves making my Nikes.   It seems to me that you are the barbarians since we run and fuel the world with our intelligence, and you run it by being our 2 cent/hour slave.

But that is all very off-topic.  You see it is only natural for you to feel that white women are like "tanks" seeing as the average asian man is a scrawny little thing.  Of course she looks like a tank to the asian man because she is taller and stronger than him.  It is very funny that even our women are stronger and bigger than you!  Do not be ashamed of your tiny body and finger-sized penis, it is who you are, and you will eventually get your woman after a white man passes over her.  One you accept it, it will not be so bad.  

Like I said it's evolution, and the greater male gets the females.  It is pure instinct for a woman to better her genetics, and therefore to go to the white man.  An improved gene pool, and of course a better mate.  

Have a nice weekend!

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I too think that....

American men treat women in general better, and more like an equal. I have learned on this site, that when a man marries a woman, he moves in with his Mom and looks after them. What about the wife抯 parents? Does that not show bias? No wonder they are having to create a law that says aborting babies because of their sex is wrong.
Forget about the size of the penis as that matters little (I hope) ha ha,
but treating your females as equals is a very attractive attribute.

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too funny

"There is, however, one fact no one can ignore: many Chinese ladies simply tant to taste white meat"


That is too can a country run by chinese guys ever become a super power?


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rovi297 has been deleted
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Do you know where the word "dickhead" comes from?????

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Dickhead for me = Big - For you = Small

Rovi I feel your jealousy and anger but you must control it.  Just because we are physically and mentally your superior is no reason to be angry.  The fact that your wife/girlfriend would leave you in an instant for any white man should not cause you stress. Once you accept it, it will all be gravy.

I couldn't help to notice that you mention the Olympic Games in an attempt to somehow justify your nation抯 lack of intellectual capital, your male抯 lack of success with females, and of course the fact that you抮e small in the pants.  You failed to mention that the USA received forty more medals than China, even though our population is much smaller.  Furthermore if you look at the complete medals table you will notice that Western countries are at the top of the list.  Even little Australia with a population of 20 million received almost as many medals as your country with a billion people.  That is very sad.  

I must thank you, for you have conveniently pointed out yet another area in which we are your superior.  Just to recap, now we are better looking, more masculine, more intelligent, wealthier, better lovers, and even more gifted in sport.  Now why would any asian women not pick a white man?  

Oh and as someone mentioned we defiantly treat women better.  I guess you can add that to the prior list.  Now go make my Nikes.

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China (or some other asian countries) and western countries differ in cultrue, and that's one very important reason for their different behaviours towards females. Personally I see Chinese men are more responsible, more career-driven and more dependable while you might say that western men treat women more equally and therefore they don't expect women to rely on them and then they don't have to take too much responsibility.

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