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Chinese Men are Inferior? [Copy link] 中文

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Oddly enough,

the cable channels we receive here in Shenzhen and other parts of China are piped in from Singapore for the most part.

The censoring on those channels - and no, it is not done by the China cable company save for some news stories from HK and the annoying garbage commercials inserted by the Guangdong cable company(?) that often cut several minutes from the few interesting programs that come from HK - and of course all day Saturday and Sunday so the GD cable company(?) can run 10 hours of non-stop commercials trying to con people into thinking that if they give their squalling brat a pill he will be 7 feet tall in a week - anyway, the censoring stems from the Singapore 'parent' company(?).

Here's just a brief example that will unfortunately perhaps show I have too much time on my hands sometimes:

On the show Friends there is one episode where the character Rachel kisses another girl. When the show was on a HK channel - no problem as the "kiss" was part of the story and it was shown.

When the series was shown in China - no problem again.

But, when the show was on cable from Singapore they cut that part.

Sometimes, watching one of the movie channels - I have HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies - the censoring is so rampant that it can interfere with the story line. In others it is just laughable. I was watching a movie the other day and one of the characters - a woman obviously - was wearing a top that was not see-through but neither was it opaque. Every time this character moved her body so that her chest area was exposed to the camera - there was a little blurred area over her chest.

Perhaps the most childish attempt at consorship I have ever seen - I have seen them use little black squares to cover portions of a picture on a wall in a background shot for pete's sake. Why am I looking at a picture in the background? Like I say, sometimes I guess I just have too much time on my hands.

Sometimes, they censor language in so radical a manner that the sound of a movie sounds like there is a problem with the speakers - the sound stutters and jumps and is very annoying.

Ultimately though I don't care - I have found most Singapore men I have met - not all of course and I am not generalizing just stating what I have personally experienced; I have not met all the men in Singapore - to be barely above the level of Hong Kong men actually. No charisma, no class, nothing like other Asian men I have met in my time here. They almost seem to have a defeatist attitude about life and business which of course is not something that can be said for men from HK - at least many of them are rabid in business - not often honest but aggressive nonetheless.

If they are as you say "sexually open" why is it such a problem in Singapore this no marriage - no children let's see if we can pay them to get together or we will soon have a serious problem? I mean, after all, can a country be called a country if there are no people in it?

Why then have the Singapore women I have met (only 4 of them so obviously not a large enough number to form a true opinon, but as you seem to be conversant with the Singapore experience I thought to ask) told me they would never marry a Singaporean man? Is it just sour grapes do you think?

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To me, young Chinese people on the mainland have no need to create a pretentious face to women! They have ready smiles and laughter, as perhaps, they have not had to experience some of the great sadness that is so many older Chinese hearts, I think.

Today, young Chinese do not have to worry about the roles of emperors and peasants, they do not have to be gangsters, they don't have to someone from Hollywood -- there is no expectations in the Chinese society, at the present, to be anyone, except to themselves. In this sense, they are probably the freest young kids in the world to not feel the need to conform to some pre-established form or pattern!

Kids are trying different things they like, they are becoming comfortable with themselves and their freedoms, I think! Because they are happy, couples have a lot to be optimistic about and to look forward.

In China's big cities you can see a great many of the younger folks smiling and laughing, and you see the young girls are happy to be with their guys, they are enjoying themselves! They stroll the aisles arm-in-arm shopping, they hangout together in cafes and clubs and parks everywhere; they talk and have fun and laugh.
Young Chinese men can be suave and debonair, and they are. They can be successful young men, and many are.

I do not see them competing with the West, I see them expressing something that is uniquely their version of it (whatever it is -- nothing more really than another mishmash of world cultures); after all, what should one expect, they are creative and intelligent. They like Yoga from India, they like Chinese food, they like their modifications of everyone's music, why even their clubs are uniquely their own. What the Chinese express is uniquely Chinese and it will always be uniquely Chines, that is what I think!

I don't see what your concern is really all about.

Anyway, please start your own original post and thread, and there, expalin your interest; then we can move our posts over to it and address you directly. We would like this post to die, or for CD to remove it -- which they probably will get around to doing, if we took our discussion away from it.

Please start another thread!

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It is true.

It is very true that asian men are inferior.  Not only do most asian canadian girls prefer white men, but even the international students here at U of T prefer white men.  I have dated  many asian girls and they all have said that they prefer the white man.  The Hong Kong students I dated all said the same thing.  

What did they say?  Well, to be brief they said that asian men are feminine, and they're right.  I'm 6'0 and 180 lbs, and most asian guys are dwarfs compared to me, and they have as much muscle as I had when I was 12 years old.  Lets not even mention the fact that if you put a wig on an asian guy you could easily pass him for a girl.  

It's very simple guys your women want a real man with broad shoulders, and big chest, not a man with spaghetti arms and a little wee wee.  Now you can mention all the scientific studies you want but it doesn't erase the very obvious fact that more and more of your women are dating white guys.  Don't be mad, I'm only being real.

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Shame on the poster

The person who created this post ought to be ashamed of himself. I would like to think the poster was not really an American but someone who is pretending to be American to lead to more US bashing.

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this topic is wrong.

I am a white male and I don't care if the topic is true or not.  It serves no purpose in bringing it up other than to annoy Chinese men.  Size never really matters anyway and a lot of women may like sensitive men so I don't see the point in this topic.  White men are not superior in bodily organs and anyone who things they are needs to come back to reality.

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re: this topic is wrong

i agree.  why isn't this thread deleted yet?  


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They have these penis enlarging device they are selling on the web. Did you ever try one?
Do they sell them in China? I would not get your knickers in a twist too much. They sell these gadgets all over the world, not just to the Chinese.
Remember, " it抯 not the size of the tool that counts, but
how you use it.

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