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Chinese Men are Inferior? [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you for responding so quickly in a situation like this.

88 needed your help and you gave him the right amount of assistance so promptly.

Such a grand gesture.  That's the chairman that I had always known.  He should be as respected as anyone else in this forum.

And as I had always said, 88 is no closet China-hater.

You can tell the true feelings gushing forth from his bosom as he speaks here -- so well as always.

You two have known each other only a short while, a few months tops.

I have known chairman from the very beginning and 88 as soon as he showed up here.

I don't recommend people to one another unless I truly feel they could be safe and sound friends.

The bottom line is we all find our own reason to be here -- if not for the love of China, what else?

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Your discourse on sex on the first page puts the Master and Johnson team to shame.

Copyright it.

Big-hearted gesture...I know you are capable of it.

As to that howzer remark, I can assure him that if he has known the old farrt as long as I do, and had seen his 200 handles back in the old days, you would have come to the same conclusions.

Thanks for the note anyway.

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One thing that seems to be missing is what could be called documented "proof" if

There is one on the topic that I know of - but it has nothing to do really with Chinese females - at least not those in Greater China.

A year or so ago (look in the South China Morning Post archives) a poll was taken in Hong Kong asking Hong Kong women their preference in a mate. Oddly enough, over 60% said they would take a so-called "Mainland" male over a Hong Kong male.

The reasons given were: Hong Kong men are mommas boys - still living at home with mommy even when they are in their late 20's and older.

Hong Kong men like to spend all their time with their "boyfriends" in bars, mahjong parlors, video arcades or gambling - spending the allowance mommy gave them.

Men from Greater China are more success driven - they want to succeed and work much harder than Hong Kong men. True that causes disruption because men spend so much of their time working and not enough catering to their women but they do provide for their families better.

Created quite a stir when it was published - in those bars, mahjong parlors, video arcades and gambling dens.

Unfortunately though for the Hong Kong women, most men from Greater China don't want a Hong Kong woman! The basic idiom often used to describe Hong Kong women is "Toufa chang; xinyuan duan" or loosely translated "long hair, short brain" - re-translating into understandable English should be easy. There are others but they are a bit too crass for a forum.

Meanwhile, in Singapore - the most censored and repressive city in Asia - the government actually has to arrange meetings between men and women to try and get women in Singapore to get married to Singapore men and have children! There are even "bonuses" offered for women who actually get married to a Singapore man and have their children!

Seems Singapore women can't stand their countrymen either.

Mind you, on TV they will black out a nipple if it shows through clothing so it may be just that Singaporeans know nothing about sex - save for the men running off to Thailand to get AIDS from the local prostitutes - something of course that the women in both Singapore and Hong Kong know about and perhaps that fear adds to their disdain for their local males.

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Sin Mal


I might add, the situation in Singapore is also found in Malaysia as well. More and more women are successful than men. Thus, creating a chain reaction of peer pressure and standard norm where women's demand of men is higher. While both countries' Chinese population is declining, Malaysia is at a faster rate. Many Singaporean male would find a life-long partner overseas such as Vietnam but due to cultural and language barrier, Malaysian women is more preferred.

The part on sexual openness, it is quite inaccurate. They have sex cinema for those above 18. The children are safely protected from this.

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Ha Ha Ha

Chinese men are too smart to marry white women? On the contrary, our women prefer REAL men.

And as for the comment about white women being fat and can insult white women all you want, but the fact remains that the plastic surgery to get bigger boobs, double eye-lids seems to be very profitable in east asia, a growing trend in China it seems. Why are Chinese women trying so hard to have caucasian features? Zhang Mi is a good example.

I think it is clear, white features are the better ones!

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My last post to you


I have been foruming since my college years and I have never seen such uncouth mannerism besides muslims. I made friends with people from Canada, USA, UK, France and Israel.

The fact that you don't even mind your people being bashed as a result of your action seems to me you're not a caucasian but a muslim!

Plastic surgery no matter how profitable in the East (due to its large population) can never be that popular in the West. Does Swan Pageant and Extreme Makeover rings any bell???

You are insulting your own people! Saddest part is, I think you really enjoy it. Hope you enjoy your time behind the "veil". I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly by a bucketload. Muslim troublemakers would always use a caucasian name and proclaim themselves as white but love islam bla bla bla and hates its own western civilization. It always turned out to us they are muslim immigrants to Denmark, US, UK...etc. I think I am seeing another one here.

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