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Taiwan Independence Doomed! [Copy link] 中文

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dumb dumb raymondccp

dumb dumb rayccp just don't get it.
either you are pregant or you are not.
either you have Herpes or you do not.
There is no such thing as de jure independence or half way in the middle.  Either you are independent or you are not independent.  There is no such thing as half way.
Independence is when the foreign country of Taiwan has an office of the presidency and has their own military.  This is the defination of the word independent.
And since china is so desperate trying to politcially isolate Taiwan, and desperately trying to prevent Taiwan from joining international organizations.  There fore, Taiwan is independent from china.  That is why china is trying  to steal taiwan in the first place.
    What part of this don't you understand??  dumb dumb ray??

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raymond ccp is a warmonger.

Unfortunately, the legacy of the 20th century's ideologically driven bloodbath by dictators from germany and japan.  China is trying to follow this path.  beijing and supporters like raymond don't care about reason and logic.  Because reason is so easily used by propagandists to disguise their impulse to power , by falsely promoting the word unification.    By cloaking their lust for power, and seductive intellectual formulations.  Raymond has spread many lies to justify his agressions against a peaceful independent country of Taiwan.
    We must stop tolerating the rejection and distortion of science.   The scientific fact, is that land on earth was created 4.5 billion years ago.  And not by mainland chinese.
    raymond ccp is mentally ill.  He has a serial obcession with the word unification.   In ray's mind, he is so obcessed with Taiwan, that he is here everyday promoting false ideals and promoting hate, racism, and agression againt the Asian neighboring country of Taiwan.
     ray is a sad pathetic case.

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Hey joe! You donate your money to these people? ... cate_rss=TAIWAN_eng

DPP council whip disrupts meeting by throwing feces at KMT colleague.

Taiwan News, Staff Writer
Page 2
2007-05-22 01:01 AM  

The Tainan City Council was adjourned indefinitely as of yesterday after a ruling Democratic Progressive Party member tossed feces at a colleague, allegedly over personal grudges.

Liu Yi-chang, DPP council whip, walked toward his colleague Liu Chieh-lung with a cup of stool and tossed it at his KMT colleague Hsieh Lung-chieh after listening to a report by Tainan Mayor Hsu Tain-tsair (許添財) on the first day of session.

Council Speaker Huang Yu-wen (黃郁文) had no choice but to ask Liu to leave the floor because two of Hiseh's colleagues, seated next to Liu, were also affected by Liu's irrational behavior.

DPP Councilwoman Chiu Li-li, who served concurrently as chairperson of the DPP headquarters in Tainan City, apologized to the KMT and all citizens for what Liu did, saying that the DPP party suspended Liu from duty until Liu offered an explanation of his behavior.

The KMT showed no sign of compromising on the issue. Accompanied by KMT officials, Hsieh went to the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office to file a lawsuit against Liu. They said the KMT will not resume the session until after the DPP finds a way to restrain its councilors.

Sources said Liu had allegedly held a grudge against Hsieh because he had referred to Liu as a corrupt DPP politician while seeking the KMT's nomination in the legislative elections, which are slated for the end of this year.

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don't just throw feces,  that is a waste.  
directly put it in the mouth of the kmt legislators.  
and put it in the mouth of the ccp supporters and ccp legislators in beijing as well.
I will give a reward of 5000 US dollars to anyone who can throw feces in the mouth first.

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Poor joe:

You need the money more since you live in Sacramento.  What sane person chooses to live in Sacto, but poor people like Joe.

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crazyazn has been deleted
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China don't need to attack its own province of Taiwan, since the rest of the world is already speaking, supporting, and reinforcing that support, over and over, and over, and over, and over...................

China not only has soft power, but it has already used it many times.   

UN:  170-23 - Supports One China  (14 consecutive failures)

WHO:  148-17 - Supports One China  (11 consecutive failures)

OIE: 113-12 - Downgrading Taiwan to “Non-Sovereign regional member”.  The regional moniker means it is not a country.  

Let's see:  14+11 + downgraded status by OIE equals 0-26 for Taiwan.  

BTW, US also voted to support this recent resolution, downgrading Taiwan to only a “Non-Sovereign regional member”.   So much for US support for Taiwan.    Taiwan:  No bellyaching will change it, since you have zero leverage.  0-26 should be a lesson for the sane, but in Taiwan’s case, I guess they need failures to get real.

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