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Chinese girls chasing after white boyz !!! Good or shameful? [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese female are born to be as doormat

Ha, ha ...

Doesn't sound like any Chinese female I have ever known!!!!

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What's your point there?

Your self-humiliation is insulting! Are you living in vain? Stop your illusion and dive into the real world! How do you know they don't have true love? Chinese guys prejudicial like you are really unattractive! That many western guys are attractive to Chinese girls implies that there are many good merits you guys should learn. I bet you know nothing about women, even Chinese women.

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Excuse my way sir

Are you 46 yrs old?   as I saw it in your UserName  

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To evigilo: Be my exact literature!!!

No honeymoon marriage, but HONEYMOONY marriage there---open your eyes wild, it's obviously ironic!!! Anyway, your carelessness really doesn't matter my idea, and NEITHER does the 10 years Long-term relationship (???long enough??? oh, no! Don’t be silly! Marriage is not any game!!! More serious! okay?!!!) mentioned thereinbefore; on the contrary, you powerfully supported my point, that inter-state marriage would be unstable and sometimes, just a stuff of a day consisted of countless fat lies!!!

In fact, for this awful marriage of Wei Wei and Mike, you could know better than me, but luckily, I can sense something by heart but by ear. Where there is a smoke, there is a wind! No matter who acted the villain in this drama, two parts both should pay back for this inter-state, or rather, inter-culture, inter-value and inter-age, marriage on mutual cheating basis!

At the same time, this couple's 3 cute and innocent children are supposed to be the best witness. Why would their parents so brutal to quarrel all the time in front of'em and even coldbloodly threw a walking paper with each other beyond their heads, as they, 3 little adorable, are the final victims??? Why did their parents have that heart to hurt their little innocent souls? Because their parents were devils? No! Just the reason is that marriage was the (beautiful or ugly) fault from the earliest beginning! Don't keep playing the snow job on the poor kids!!!

You can't be more nearsighted!! What a hell! Look :ever the swore promise with sharing joys and sorrows all the life has been eaten, as is like such a lip service!!!

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to larcher: Brava!!! You're really someone outside world!

Wake up, my dear! Don't blind your eyes by the skin humiliation! What  you said seems to stand the right position but is corrupting by Hollywood cultures out and out!!! Please show your due respects to this greatest nation, where birthed you, fed you, adopted you, cared you, and never ever abandoned you, even though you betrayed it ( no offensive intention here, just a hypothesis, don't mind much)!!!

I can figure out what you hold as easy as pie: The grass is always greener in the other hill! But please remember, even if  the offspring from chinese respectable family would like to accept any exotic ethics and value, to be sure, his/her parents would be upset of that ridiculous relationship!

The chinese traditional vitues are fading up and the westernization is demaging our nation feature. Out of date didn't mean to be wrong!!! The Old is gold!!! Phew, the last straw to survive this world is being discarded by the new-boomers like you!

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To hksojourner: How many chinese gals you have known??

Racist? Oh, no!!! Don't stir up a storm in my teacup!!!

The history gave all of us a lesson: From the very early day, the most cold and bloody racists all were born in EU, while now, they are taging themselves the new brand to boast freedom and democracy!!! Don't brush me off! Answer me in straight, Who the hell is the most horrible atrocious emperor???--- Nicola!!!  Who the hell is the most insane war bedlamite and extreme racist??? ---- Hitler!!!  Who the hell come to China to fire, kill, rape, rob in one and two centuries ago???  Your ancestors!!!

Racist??? Aha! Don't belittle others' high-heart intelligence!!! You really should know more than your limited and naive knowledges!!!

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Who the hell come to China to fire, kill, rape, rob in one and two centuries ago??? Your ancestors!!!

And whom I wonder did the same in two 'provinces' in western 'china' not such a long time ago, me wonders, scratching ones head?

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