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Chinese girls chasing after white boyz !!! Good or shameful? [Copy link] 中文

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Reply to Mencius: Ignore!

So?  So?  So?  So?  So?  You are ignorant and a liar.

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Reply to Iunga: airforcevet is fishing

I don't have time to be writing BS.  I am hoping to learn something and share something with everyone.  I can't write everything that you'd agree.  Sad that you are abroad.  If not, try to learn something.  I think you are in HK and you could still help China.

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Hey bychance: I stereotyped okay?

I buy Bose or Yamaha or Grundig or Panasonic or Onkyo or Sony.  Okay brother?  So many choices!

  Learn something brother!

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Reasons why Chinese girls date Western guys

First, airforcevet,  please stop trolling.

Okay, having worked and lived  (and dated) in mainland China and now in HongKong, I think it is impossible to generalize the motives of Chinese girls who date westerners.

Nevertheless, there do seem to be a number of conflicting categories.

First, there are the girls who have a roseate-hued view of the west as a world of unlimited wealth and glamour. They are desperate to escape what they see as the drabness and limitations of China and latch onto a Westerner, often ANY westerner, they can find.

Second, there are the Wiggies and Wannabes, close cousins to the first category, who seem to despise their own culture and see themselves as "western" (being western is cool).  

Third, there are the girls who are attracted to "Otherness", men from a culture that is exotic, different and alien from their own. They don't despise there own culture, but are nevertheless facinated by difference.

Fourth, there are girls who DO say Chinese men are too conservative, patriarchal, and emotionally and sexually repressed. They think - rightly or wrongly - that western guys are more passionate, emotionally expressive and open-minded.

And fifth, HEY ... there are mixed race couples who get together because they just find they are compatible in personality, interests and outlook! The fact they are from different ethnicities is irrelevant.

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Chinese Girls

Having dated for many years and then married a Chinese lady.I can not understand what the problem is.Is not love the most important between two people.I  am white Australian and have spent over 20 years travelling to many countries and anyone that believes Chinese ladies are easy should go to America or the UK with a Australian accent,as there women are easy.I and my wife married for love.Nothing was discussed in the financial way.So what is the problem if 2 people love each other.We are adults are we not.

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A really good answer.....

The best breakdown I've seen yet.

I see some poverty in India, I'm guessing that China is not that different, only, its socially acceptable to date western guys....and even encouraged by many .

Nothing wrong with that.   More for me, but it can't go down well with chinese guys.  I wonder what they think about it?

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I have many Chinese male friends here who are dating or married to Chinese ladies,they have no problem with my marriage and wished us well when we married.I have a English friend who has been married for over 5 years and they are both very happy.So mixed races are not  a  problem in a relationship from what I have seen.One must remember that in all culture's there Ladies and Males that will marry for money.

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